Rectangle Table Top Partition – 5 Pack

Rectangle Table Top Partition – 5 Pack


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Lyon’s rectangle table top partition adds protection while helping to enforce social distancing standards. Easily add these to any business to increase the safety of both customers and staff. Improve the social distancing standards in a matter of minutes. Perfect for schools, restaurants, and businesses looking to protect employees and patrons. Lyon has the products to make sure you can keep people safe. The hard plastic will help prevent the spread of airborne germs. Create a physical barrier between people for their safety. Let us help you prevent the spread of germs.

We make each 24″h rectangle table top partition from strong polycarbonate. Our table top barrier is clear so you can see others at the table. The 30″d design fits on most standard rectangle tables from 60 to 96 inches wide. The 60″ and 72″ barriers provide seating for up to 6 people. The 96″ social distancing barrier offers seating spaces for up to 8 people. Easily secure the table top social distancing partitions in place with a double sided adhesive. Barriers can also be anchored directly into the table. We do not include either the adhesive or the anchors.

Our rectangle table top partition provides extra protection in an area where social distancing isn’t always possible. Both school lunch rooms and office break rooms are places where germs can be easily spread. Our table top divider screen can help protect students and employees while they eat. The clear social distancing divider lets people see and talk while staying safe.

Each pack contains the barriers needed for 5 rectangular tables. We have quantity discounts for orders of 11 or more. Request a Quote today for bulk order pricing.

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Overall Dimensions 30"d x 24"h
Includes Barriers for 5 Tables


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