Cantilever Storage Rack Single Face Add-on 72″w x 24″d x 96″h

Cantilever Storage Rack Single Face Add-on 72″w x 24″d x 96″h

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Use the Lyon RUCSRSF09624 cantilever storage rack to store a variety of bulky items. These industrial cantilever racks are also ideal for long and odd shaped items. Achieve maximum utilization of warehouse space. The Lyon cantilever racking system has no front posts or columns to restrict horizontal space. Handle hard-to-store items such as appliances and building materials. Fabrics, flooring, furniture, steel, pipe as well as other items, can also be stored with ease on these cantilever warehouse racks. The wide, open rows of these heavy-duty cantilever racks allow both proper load support and easy access.

This lumber storage rack is a single face cantilever rack. This means there are arms on only one side of the uprights on this single sided cantilever rack. Each brace panel is 72 inches wide. Cantilever arms have a 4° slope. Easily adjust the arms on 4 inch centers. Arms attach to the uprights using nuts and bolts. The upright frames, brace set kits as well as accessories are available in green. Arms are available in safety orange. The 8 foot high upright has a weight capacity of 17,548 lbs while the 24 inch arms each have a weight capacity of 3,360 lbs.

Lyon includes all the hardware needed to assemble your RUCSRSF09624 cantilever storage rack. We strongly suggest that you properly anchor your cantilever rack to the floor. A level and plumb rack that is anchored ensures load support and safety. Lyon makes these commercial lumber storage racks in the USA.

NOTE: This add-on unit must be used with a starter unit.

Together with a starter, add-ons let you build rows of cantilever racking. If you also need a starter unit for this model, then you can view the RUCSRSF09624S Cantilever Rack Single Face Starter.

RUCSRSF09624 Cantilever Storage Rack Add-On Features

  • 1 Upright
  • 1 Brace Panel
  • 4 Arms
  • Assembly Hardware
  • Made in the USA

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Lead TimeShips In 7 Weeks
Overall Dimensions72"w x 24"d x 96"h
Number Of Levels4
Capacity Per Level3360 lbs
Starter Or Add OnAdd-on

Made in the USA

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