2 Level 120″w x 48″d x 96″h Pallet Racking with Front-to-Back Supports Starter

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2 Level 120″w x 48″d x 96″h Pallet Racking with Front-to-Back Supports Starter


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Make the most of your vertical height with Lyon’s SFB120048096 pallet racking starter with front-to-back supports. These adjustable heavy-duty pallet racks feature a teardrop design that is interchangeable with all major teardrop style pallet racking. This 8-foot-tall pallet rack is an ideal solution for most warehouses. Lyon’s pallet rack fits with most other teardrop design industrial racking systems. That means you can upgrade any damaged, weak, or worn out uprights and beams. There won’t be a need to change your whole system.

The SFB120048096 pallet racking starter includes two fully welded uprights use heavy-duty bracing as well as base plates. We make the uprights out of 14-gauge steel. These roll formed uprights provide greater strength and the small sized slots also mean more steel per upright. The teardrop pallet rack system offers easy assembly with 2-inch vertical beam adjustments. Uprights come in a lake green finish. Each pair of 96-inch-high welded uprights can hold up to 20,600 lbs.

The SFB120048096 pallet racking starter includes beams to create 2 levels. An enhanced automatic lock assembly provides positive beam-to-upright engagement. This automatic lock also improves installation speed and safety. Each end of the beam has 3 rugged studs to engage the teardrop holes. The tapered keyhole slots provide quick, easy vertical adjustment of beams to create optimal pallet storage solutions. No tools are needed to add or adjust the beams. There are also no “dead spots” or obstructions in upright posts to impede movement of beam along the entire height. Beams come in a safety orange finish. Each pair of 120-inch-wide beams can hold up to 6,140 lbs.

Front-to-Back Supports

This SFB120048096 pallet racking system comes with 6 front-to-back supports. These supports help reduce the chance of misplaced pallets from falling through. Lyon makes the supports out of galvanized steel which lets them stand up in harsh warehouse environments. The 48-inch-deep supports can hold up to 1,320 lbs. Each support installs easily with no hardware. The supports will also help minimize beam rotation when supporting heavy loads. This will maintain both the rigidity and stability of the pallet storage racks. Any 120-inch level or longer should be tied together with at least 1 front-to-back support.

The SFB120048096 pallet racking starter includes a strong and smooth finish. This state-of-the-art powder coat application process ensures a finish that is impact as well as corrosion resistant. All capacities of metal storage racks are based on evenly distributed loads on a pair of beams. Use this pallet racking with supports either alone or combine it with add-on units to create rows of storage. Pallet Rack Accessories are also available to help ensure a level and secure installation. This includes both shims and anchors. Lyon highly recommends that metal storage racks get secured to the floor and/or wall of your warehouse. While designing a pallet racking system can be complicated, Lyon is here to help. Contact Us and we will help you design a custom pallet racking system.

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Number Of Levels 2 Levels with Front-to-Back Supports
Capacity 6,140 lbs Per Level
Starter Or Add On Starter
Includes Upright 48"d x 96"h - 9748M096 (x2)
Adjustable Beam 120"w - SON120 (x4)
Front-to-Back Support 48"d - GVFBSUP48 (x6)


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