2 Hanging File Frames Slender Wide Modular Drawer Organizer HF Layout Kit


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Made in the USA


Lyon’s slender wide HF hanging file drawer organizer can divide your modular drawer into 2 rows of heavy-duty hanging file frames. Easily turn your modular cabinet into a file cabinet. This layout kit converts a modular drawer so that it can accept hanging file folders. The modular drawer has solid construction so it can easily open and close even when filled with files. In order to use this hanging folder frame layout kit you must have a drawer size 14 or higher. That is a drawer height of 10-1/8-inch or higher.

The slender wide HF hanging file rack for drawers has an adjustable design. Adapt the length by easily snapping the rails along the score marks. Our modular cabinets are lockable so you can create a secure record storage system. Creating a filing storage system with Lyon will result in a more efficient use of space. A modular drawer has removable labels and shields in the handles. This allows you label and quickly identify the files or records inside of a drawer.

The slender wide HF hanging file folder frame for drawers  comes in a galvanized finish. This helps protect your file drawer organizer from corrosion. Lyon proudly makes their hanging file frames for drawers in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified.

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Made in the USA Icongreenguard Certified Product Icon
Overall Dimensions 22"w x 28-1/4"d
Number Of Compartments 2 Compartments
Includes 2 Hanging File Frames
Available for Drawer Sizes 14 and Up


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