Auto Detailing Mobile Workstations

Auto Detailing Mobile Workstations

Lyon has a huge selection of detail shop mobile workstations. Take your tools and gear on the go around the detail shop with these mobile cabinets. Keep your detailing tools and supplies close and easily move them to the next car when ready. These heavy-duty modular drawer mobile carts come in different layouts. We make these auto detail mobile carts based around our modular drawer cabinet. This means you get all the great features of a Lyon industrial drawer cabinet. Storage drawers provide 100% visibility of stored tools when fully open.

A modular drawer can hold up to 400 lbs. These mobile storage drawers feature single drawer access. This keeps more than one drawer being open at a time. Your cabinets will be prevented from tipping because of single drawer access. These car detailing mobile workstations also come with layout kits. As your needs change you can easily either add or remove dividers or partitions. Your storage can change when your needs change. Create a custom drawer layout so that all your supplies have a spot. Easily organize either brushes, wax, or other items used daily in the auto detail shop at your dealership.

Mobile cabinets and workstations include 2 fixed casters as well as 2 swivel casters with brakes. The 6″ diameter casters have combined overall capacity of 2,800 lbs. The caster tread also will not mar the floors in your auto dealership. The tubular handle, another included feature, will let you easily move the workstation around the detail shop. Options for detailing service mobile carts include both hardwood tops and steel retainer top with vinyl mat. and black polyester mesh liner for the drawers. The hardwood top is a durable surface while the retainer top keeps items from rolling off.

lyon automotive modular drawer cabinet mobile cabinet

Mobile Cabinets

These mobile cabinets are our standard modular drawer cabinets but on wheels. While our mobile cabinets only feature drawer storage, we do offer some deep drawers. The ability for a worker to be able to toss supplies back in a drawer after use helps speed up the work flow. If you need it, then we can custom make a mobile cabinet with drawers the can be up to 13-1/4″ deep. With the 400 lbs overall drawer capacity, you could even store a car polisher in a drawer if need be. If you need cabinet storage then check out our mobile workstations below. We love helping customers solve their storage needs. When you are ready, we can make you a personal quote for auto detailing mobile workstations.

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Drawer Qty Overall Dimensions  Item
4 30″w x 28-1/4″d x 35-1/2″h S3130301009I
5 36-3/8″w x 28-1/4″d x 38-5/8″h S3536301022I
5 36-3/8″w x 28-1/4″d x 42-9/16″h S4036301021I
5 44-3/8″w x 28-1/4″d x 38-5/8″h S3545301023I

lyon automotive modular drawer cabinet mobile workstation with hardwood top

Mobile Workstations

In order to create more configurations, we put 2 cabinets together on wheels to make our mobile workstations. Our workstations are bigger than our mobile cabinets. The extra space gives you more flexibility when you need to change up how you use the workstation in the detail shop. This gives you more options such as adding a shelf cabinet to your workstation. The shelf cabinet sections are great for storing either larger gear or extra supplies. Store an air blower or bundles of extra towels. Each shelf cabinet comes with 1 adjustable shelf. The shelf adjusts on 3/4″ vertical centers when you need to. The cabinet door will be keyed alike to the drawer lock. We are awesome at quoting projects. When you are ready, we’d like to make you a personal quote for auto detailing mobile workstations.

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You can also order some of our most popular items online! Click on a part number in order to visit the product page.

Drawer and Door Qty Overall Dimensions 45-5/8″ Wide 60″ Wide
4 Drawers, 1 Door 28-1/4″d x 39-3/4″h S352230W1003I S353030W2003I
10 Drawers, 0 Door 28-1/4″d x 39-3/4″h S352230W1005I S353030W2005I
5 Drawers, 1 Door 28-1/4″d x 43-3/4″h S402230W1002I S403030W2002I
4 Drawers, 2 Doors 28-1/4″d x 43-3/4″h S402230W1003I S403030W2003I
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