Automotive Service Departments

Lyon can help you with your car dealership service department design. We have workbenches and tear down carts to help keep your service department running smoothly. Our shop basics are industrial grade and will stand up to the harsh conditions of a car service department for years. These simple, durable, and affordable solutions will let your mechanics and technicians keep their essential tools handy while servicing your customers’ vehicles.

Our automotive service department workbenches feature heavy-duty steel and welded construction. Other than working on a vehicle, your workbench is where most of your repair work is done. Some repairs are made easier by removing a part and doing the work on a stable work surface. The workbench in your service bay should be large enough to have space for parts and tools while also having room to work. Our workbench will help you keep tools and parts within arm’s reach as you work.

The Lyon tear down bench helps you limit the mess made when working on either engines or other components. Some auto parts that use fluid can retain some even after draining it. Doing a tear down can create a mess which could even be toxic. A tear down bench is a mobile service cart that can be fitted with a drain and collection bin. This lets you work on parts like either the engine or a transmission without worrying about fluids getting all over your service bay.

If you are looking for a more personalized solution, Lyon has you covered with our EVO technician workbenches. Create either single or double wide service bays with all the features you need to keep your service department running smoothly. Features include a tool cart that docks in the bay, garage and recycling collection, and you can even integrate lift controls. No matter what you need at your service bay, our EVO workbenches have got you covered.

lyon automotive service department workbenchesAutomotive Service Department Workbenches

We have both a fixed height and an adjustable height workbench. These workbenches are industrial grade and will be able to hold whichever auto component and parts you are working on. The leg structure is all welded for maximum strength and durability.

There is also a workbench with a built 2 door cabinet. This lets you keep tools and gear close to where you do your repair work. It also has a lock so you can keep your items secured. This cabinet comes with a full depth middle shelf to keep your gear organized.

Lyon Automotive Tear Down CartAutomotive Service Department Tear Down Bench

Our tear down bench comes with heavy-duty casters. This lets you move it around while it supports heavy auto components such as either a small engine block or a transmission. The basic model comes with a powder coated work top to match the rest of the cart.

You can upgrade your tear down bench with a stainless steel work top. This comes with a drain and a collection bin to collect displaced fluids. The stainless steel top will stand up to both the fluids and the harsh cleaners or solvents used when working on cars.

Lyon Automotive EVO WorkbenchesAutomotive Service Department EVO Technician Workbenches

Lyon’s EVO workbenches have steel housings with drawer and cabinet fronts covered in a resin to provide years of performance in your service department. From dealerships to fleet management, these service bay workstations can help your techs get their job done efficiently.

Our EVO workbenches feature a modular design. This lets you pick the features your service techs need. It also allows you to easily upgrade or update each service bay as your dealership service department’s needs change in the future without replacing the entire workstation.