Tear Down Bench

A tear down cart from Lyon helps you stop messes when working on engines or other vehicle components. Some car parts that use fluids can retain some of that fluid even after draining it. During a teardown process, this leftover fluid can cause a mess. Some of these fluids could even be toxic and create a hazard in the auto dealership service department when not contained. Our auto service cart is heavy-duty enough to hold some of the heavier components of a car such as a transmission.

Our tear down bench comes standard with a powder coated 13-gauge steel work surface. This is ideal when you need a mobile heavy-duty service cart. You can upgrade your heavy-duty tear down table so that it has a stainless steel top with a drain and a collection bin. This makes clean up quick and easy when working on either an engine or a transmission. The stainless steel will stand up to harsh fluids and chemicals while the plastic collection bin will resist oils and solvents.

No matter which tear down bench work surface you get, it will be big enough so you can do any sort of repair work. The work surface on this mechanic service cart comes with a raised edge on all sides. This helps contain any fluids that spill onto the work surface. If you are using these as automotive service carts, it also makes sure hardware like nuts and bolts don’t roll off and get lost. No matter which version you get, this cart is a must have for your auto dealership service department.

Lyon Automotive Tear Down Bench with Stainless Steel Top

Tear Down Bench

The bench is made of heavy-gauge steel. Our mechanic tear down table comes with 4 heavy-duty swivel casters. This lets you easily move it around the shop when and where you need it. The casters have brakes so you can lock it in place. This lets you safely work without worrying about it moving or shifting. There is shelf space below the work surface to hold tools or parts so they are handy. No matter which work surface you get, the rest of the cart will have a durable powder coat paint finish so that it can stand up to harsh everyday use. When you are ready, we can make you a personal quote for tear down benches. Request a Personalized Quote

Item Overall Size Top Material
4830-TD 48″w x 30″d x 35″h Powder Coated 13-Gauge Steel
4830-TDS 48″w x 30″d x 35″h Stainless Steel with Drain and Collection Bin
6030-TD 60″w x 30″d x 35″h Powder Coated 13-Gauge Steel
6030-TDS 60″w x 30″d x 35″h Stainless Steel with Drain and Collection Bin