Beyond the Showroom

Lyon can help solve other storage problems around your car dealership, from your sales force to your finance department. Do you have either a locker room for service or need personal lockers for sales staff? Lyon has a huge selection of lockers perfect for your dealership. Give your workers a place to keep their personal items like either purses or bags safe and secure. An auto dealership generates lots of paperwork thru sales and service. We can help you organize your record storage space with our rivet racks. Lyon even has preventative solutions to help you with social distancing. Our experts can design solutions to better use your existing space beyond the showroom.

lyon automotive employee lockersAuto Dealership Employee Lockers

Lyon can design the perfect solution for your car dealership. Our LockeRack has space for 16 people and a coat rod. Secure items in individual lockers while hanging jackets on the coat rod. Our standard steel lockers come in lots of sizes. Find single, double, or six tier metal lockers. We can find the right configuration so that everyone has a locker.

Do you have a locker room for either the showroom sales force or service department? We make our lockers from heavy-duty steel. The durable powder coat paint finish will stand up to everyday use. Provide a space to sit while your employees get their uniforms on with a Lyon bench. All of our lockers come with built-in padlock hasps. This lets your workers use their own locks to secure their lockers. Providing your staff with a safe place for their personal items lets them worry less about their items so they can focus more on your customers.

Lyon Record Storage Rack with Support Rails Putty propsCar Dealership Records Storage

From loan or lease paperwork to service records, your dealership needs a way to store and organize all the paper documents it creates away from the showroom. Both accounting and billing in your finance department will have lots of invoices to file away. Our rivet racks are a great way to store and archive files in banker’s boxes. Boxes can be labeled so you know what is in each box. Racks can be deep enough to storage boxes 2 deep so you can access them from both sides if space allows.

Lyon rivet storage racks are easy to assemble and require no tools. The beams drop into slots on the 14-gauge steel uprights to create a sturdy, rigid structure. Rivet racks come with center supports which can be used to hold plywood to create rack decking. We also offer both particle board and wire decking. We have various widths and depths so we can find the right fit. Add-On sections can join to a starter to create rows of records storage racking. Create a records storage room away from your showroom with Lyon.