Parts Department Storage Solutions

A parts department at an auto dealership needs to be able to handle parts of all shapes and sizes. Having one style of general purpose shelving or racking just won’t do. Lyon’s automotive parts storage solutions can be designed to handle hardware to bulky items such as tires or windshields. Our auto parts storage systems include shelving, racking, and modular drawer storage. We can also design multi-level mezzanine systems for your parts department. Get organized with Lyon parts room storage solutions.

Modular Drawer Cabinet Aisles

Parts Counter Areas

Start your parts department organization at the parts counter. We can design parts department storage solutions for your counter space using our modular drawer cabinets. This will allow you to store popular items right at the counter for quick and easy picking.

Lyon offers hardwood or stainless steel tops for our modular drawer cabinets. This gives you a work surface to either fill out paperwork or process returns. Our drawers come in lots of sizes allowing you to store all sorts of parts right at the counter. No need to go back to the parts warehouse to pick a part. A well designed parts counter can save lots of time for you auto dealership.

Overhead Cabinets

Fast Moving Small Parts Storage

There are plenty of small, fast moving auto parts that don’t require a heavy-duty rack to properly store them. Lyon has parts department storage solutions perfect for these smaller items. Whether it is either a head light bulb or a spark plug, create a storage solution that includes a space for everything.

Our 2000 series shelving is designed for smaller light weight items. It’s perfect for cartons of smaller car parts. Ideal for things like either oil filters or cabin filters. Eye-level modular drawer cabinets offer the industry best high density storage solution. Configure drawers with partitions and dividers to a tailor made solution. We also have overhead cabinets that sit on top of the drawer cabinet for shelf storage for overstock. Finally, we have metal shelving with drawers for the best of both worlds. Available in both 2000 series and 8000 series shelving.

8000 Series Shelving Adjustable Shelves

Medium Size Parts and Warranty Return Storage

Lyon also has parts department storage solutions for medium size parts. These parts tend to be a bit heavier such as rotors or brake pads. We can also help create a dedicated section for warranty returns. These items might not get picked up right away so having a dedicated space is ideal so returns don’t take up space for new parts.

Both 2000 series and 8000 series shelving have open and closed options. Shelves attach easily with clips to the uprights without tools. Our rivet rack is a medium-duty boltless rack. Available with either wire decking or particle board decking. Easily adjust both these options when your needs change.

Bulk Storage Rack with Particle Board Decking

Large and Bulky Item Storage

Lyon also has you covered for your large and bulky items. These items might be heavier but could be light but just need more space than a shelf can provide. These storage solutions can hold cases of overstock. They can also hold your heavier parts such as a transfer case assembly.

Our parts department storage solutions for large and heavy items include both our bulk storage rack and pallet racking. These are our heavy-duty racking options. Bulk storage rack has various decking options such as wire decking and solid decking. Pallet racking is standard warehouse racking. Perfect for storing parts that come on pallets until they are needed.

lyon automotive two-level shelvingMezzanines and Multi-level Systems

Many auto dealerships have a large parts warehouse. Lyon can design multi-level auto parts storage systems using either our industrial steel shelving or modular cabinets. Using mezzanines in parts department storage solutions allow you to use as much of your vertical space as possible.

Our 2000 series shelving has adjustable shelves. This means you can easily adjust your shelving when your needs change. We offer different strength shelves to find the perfect fit for your needs. Use a two-level modular drawer cabinet system for storing your smallest parts. We can also make a pallet rack mezzanine system. Our pallet racking can handle storing your biggest and heaviest items like either a transmission or a small engine block.