8000 Series Steel Shelves Are Better Than Ever!

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Lyon 8000 Series Feature Shelf Close Up

8000 Series Steel Shelves Are Better Than Ever!

Lyon made the art of installing shelving easier in 1974 with the introduction of the 8000 Series. Our one piece shelf clip design made installation and adjusting the height of each single metal shelf even easier. Now we are excited to announce that with the hard work of our engineers we’ve perfected these steel shelves even further! The year of 2020 brings with it the conversion from our old design to our improved and updated 8000 series shelves. Our newly designed shelf offers the same strength and durability you’ve counted on for the past few decades. Now with a more streamlined design and a sleeker look you’ll be more than happy to add this new style to your existing shelving units or create whole new sections!


Lyon Updated 8000 Series Shelves Square Box Design CornersImproved Steel Shelves Box Design

Our updated 8000 series shelves feature a tighter and more square box design at the front and rear of the shelf as well as tighter bends on the lapped and welded corners. These tighter formations makes the steel shelves fit more consistently within the uprights which means an easier and faster installation of your adjustable shelving unit.


Lyon Updated 8000 Series Shelves Divider Perforations

Increased Divider Flexibility

The old design had several rows of holes on each shelf. The spacing for these perforations only allowed a 3 inch adjustment for dividers. The new design of these steel shelves now offers two neat rows of holes with a 1 inch adjustment for dividers. This design offers you more flexibility. Precisely place several dividers where you need them and keep your shelving units better organized overall. Fewer holes in the middle help to increase the overall integrity of the shelf.

How To Mix The Old With The New

Our updated design of these steel shelves allows them to still fit with the 8000 series posts. Both the old and new design can fit together in the same section of shelving. Don’t forget to accessorize! Use the new Label Holders to keep your shelves organized. Add the new Base Strips to prevent items from rolling under your shelves. Our new label holders and base strips have been specially designed to fit both original and new style shelves!

It is important to note that the original shelf dividers and bin fronts will not fit on the new style shelf. The original shelf dividers require a different hole punching while the original bin fronts will not attach properly to the new shelves.

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