Modular Cabinet Accessories and Parts

Modular Cabinet Accessories and Parts

Lyon offers a wide array of modular drawer cabinet accessories and parts online. We try to keep them in stock so that you can get them fast. Find items to help organize your cabinet or replacement parts. Add a hardwood top to your modular drawer cabinet. We cut the wood top to fit flush with the cabinet top. They are 1-¾ inches thick. Laminated wood tops have 2 coats of a clear acrylic finish and rounded edges. The hardwood top gives you a space to work on things close to where you store your parts or tools.

Lyon has modular cabinet accessories like plastic bins and trays. Plastic bins are perfect for hardware storage such as nuts or bolts. They have molded in label holders. We also have dividers to divide a bin into smaller areas. Bins come in our standard yellow plastic. Quarter trays are an easy way to store small loose parts or items. We designed them so that 2 trays will run front to back in any drawer.

Lyon Modular Drawer Cabinet Locks and Keys

Modular cabinet accessories include replacement locks. Locks are easy to replace. They come complete with 2 keys. The lock will work with either single or multiple drawer access cabinets. Please Contact Us if you need locks that are keyed alike. You can also order a replacement key for your modular drawer cabinet. Make sure you have the key code when ordering.

Each drawer handle of a modular cabinet has a removable shield and label. We offer replacements for these modular cabinet accessories so that you can update the labels when the contents change. Proper labeling ensures items are stored where they belong so they can be quickly found.

Partitions And Dividers are available to divide your drawers. Make a custom layout with partitions and dividers to get maximum storage. Layout Kits are also available for a turnkey solution to organize a drawer. Other Lyon modular drawer cabinet accessories includes a steel retainer top. We also have 3 options for drawer liners including felt. Looking for new drawer cabinets and not just modular cabinet parts? Check out Lyon’s full line of Modular Cabinets.

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