Assembly Instructions

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Care and Installation

Locker: Maintenance and Care
Locker Anchoring: 10200-AA


Flat Top Lockers: 6225-CA | 6225-CA Esp
Slope Top Lockers: 6226-CA | 6226-CA Esp
LockeRack: 9217-AA
LockeRack Set Up: 9218-AA
LockeRack Horizontal Section: 9216-AA
Victory Lockers: 9124-AA
Collegiate Lockers: 9122-CA
TA-50 Gear Lockers: KD
Valor Lockers: 6235-AA


Slope Top Kits: 5158-DA
Continuous Sloping Hood: 6241-AA
Recessed Trim – Top and Side: 5913-CA
Recessed Trim – Bottom: 11778-BA
Closers, Fillers, and Panels: 9111-CA
EZ Base: 9107-AA
Kitchen Cabinet Base: 9109-KC
Z Base with Closed Ends: 9108-AA
Coat Rod for Lockers: Install


Zephyr Combo: Install | Change Combo
Zephyr RFID 2154/2155: Install
Zephyr RFID 2254/2255: Install | Operation
Master Lock Combo: Install | Change Combo
Horizon Digital Lock 3950: Instructions

Locker Room Benches

Benches with Steel Pedestals: 4777-DA
ADA Benches with Steel Pedestals: 4777-ADA
Benches with 2 Aluminum Pedestals: DL-2LEG
Benches with 3 Aluminum Pedestals: DL-3LEG


Modular Cabinets

Cabinet Details: SS0422
Anchoring: SS0775
Cabinet Stacking: 10204AA
Partition and Divider Install: SS1323
Hanging File Frame: SS1464
Closure Strip and Drawer Handle: SS1324
Adjustable Shelf: 5163-DA
Roll-Out Shelf: SS1124
Shelf Divider: SS1578
Hardwood Top: 5171-DA
Retainer Top: SS1428
External Lockbar: SS0865
Mobile Workstation: SS0515-AA
Caster and Handle: 10203AA
Walkover Handrail and Stairs: Install

Modular Workbenches

Work Surface One Top: SS1870-1
Work Surface Two Tops: SS1870-2
Steel Work Surface: SS1330
Panel Leg: SS1870
Hi-Lo Bracket: SS1549
Adjustable Footrest: SS1329
Work Surface Splice Plate: SS1548
Stringer: SS1873
Under Counter Shelf: SS1874
Modesty Panel: SS1872
Back and Side Stops: SS1439
Bookcase: SS1626
Bookcase Riser: SS1627
Bookcase Riser Back Panel: SS1666
Bookcase Corner Riser: SS1670

Storage Cabinets

All-Welded Ventilated Cabinet: 5940-CA
1000 Series Cabinet: 8874-AA


Sit Stand Stool: 2092N
Spider Stool: 1990
Industrial Chair: 2024N

Shelving and Rack

Industrial Shelving

2000 Series Shelving: 7002376
8000 Series Open Shelving: 9307DA
8000 Series Closed Shelving: 9308DA
8000 Series Closed Shelving Back: 9306-DA
8000 Series Swinging Doors: 4782-DA
Steel Mounting Panel and Tool Peg: 4271-DA
Two Level Shelving Instructions

Drawers In Shelving

2000 Series with 36″w Drawers: 9117-CA
8000 Series with 30″w Drawers: 9116-CA
8000 Series External Lockbar: SS1444

Storage Racks

Rivet Rack: Assembly
Rivet Rack Splice: Assembly
Bulk Storage Rack: 10206-AA
Bar and Pipe Rack: 10194-AA
Pallet Rack: Assembly