Warehouse Storage Solutions

Lyon has a full offering of warehouse storage solutions to make sure you are using every inch of your facility space in the most efficient way. Lyon warehouse racking and shelving provides lots of options to meet your needs. We have light and medium duty options such as the bulk storage rack as well as heavy-duty pallet racking. Lyon can design industrial shelving with mezzanine to use up your vertical space. The all-welded storage cabinets provide a place to keep tools and gear stored securely. Finally, provide your workers a place to store their belongings with employee lockers. Lyon has been helping warehouses use their space efficiently for over a century.

lyon two level warehouse shelving installed

Industrial Warehouse Shelving

Lyon industrial shelving is a great warehouse storage solution because it scales up easily. These warehouse shelving units have a patented T-post upright made from durable steel. This design lets you easily adjust shelves on 1-½” centers without any tools. Shelving comes in different sizes and gauges so you can find the right one for your needs. Lyon can also help you design a warehouse mezzanine so you can have 2 levels of shelving. We have handrails, gates, and grating for your mezzanine shelving system. You can also have a deck over shelving solution. Rows of shelving create a platform to support mezzanine which makes an open storage area above the shelving. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Check out Lyon’s large selection of industrial steel shelving. Use one section of shelving alone or combine several add-on units with a starter to create rows of shelving. These storage solutions scale up easily so you can quickly put together a layout for your warehouse.

2000 series closed 5 shelf beaded post closed shelving starter with props

available in different sizes and capacities

lyon 8000 series 36 inch wide bin shelving 36 compartment starter

provide dedicated spots for items

lyon 8000 series accessories and parts

find anchors, label holders, and bin fronts

Pallet Racking

If you need heavy-duty warehouse storage solutions, then Lyon has you covered with our pallet racking. Our pallet rack can handle bulky and odd shaped items such as furniture, building materials, and flooring. Racks come with either front-to-back supports or wire decking. Pallet racking is the most popular warehouse rack option. These heavy-duty racks are made for loading and unloading by forklifts. These racks go up to 12 feet high so you can take advantage of your warehouse’s vertical space. Interested in this product? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

lyon pallet rack installed
lyon pallet racking 8 foot high 4 front to back supports starter

supports prevent pallets from falling through

lyon pallet racking 12 foot high wire decking starter

waterfall decking features support channels

lyon pallet rack accessories and parts

get anchors, spacers, and upright protectors

Shop our huge selection of pallet racks. These storage solutions can help you make use of the vertical space in your warehouse. Preconfigured sections are available or you can pick individual components to design your own set up to meet your needs.

Bulk Storage Rack with Particle Board Decking

Bulk Storage Rack and Rivet Rack

Lyon’s warehouse storage solutions start with our rivet and bulk storage racks. Rivet racks are a light to medium duty metal rack option. It is a boltless rack that you can assemble without any tools. The beams drop into slots on the rack uprights which creates a rigid structure. You can add either particle board or wire decking. The bulk storage rack is the most versatile rack we make. These racks are ideal for the hand loading of medium weight bulky items. We have a huge offering of sizes and decking options to fit you needs. A bulk storage rack section can hold up to 10,000 lbs. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Check out Lyon’s large selection of rivet rack shelving and bulk storage racks. They are available in a variety of sizes with different decking options. Add-ons can be joined with a started to create a wall of storage in your tool crib. With our individual components, you can build your own warehouse storage solutions as well.

lyon bulk storage rack with particle board decking 4 level starter

available in lots of sizes and decking options

lyon bulk storage rack components

create a custom bulk storage rack setup

Lyon Rivet Rack 3 Level Starter

pre-engineered 84″h units with 3 or 4 levels

All-Welded Cabinets

Lyon all-welded storage cabinets are a warehouse storage solution for tools and equipment used in the day to day operation. These cabinets have 14-gauge heavy-duty shelves that can hold up to 1,450 lbs. You can adjust shelves on 3-inch centers. Cabinets have rugged handles that can be secured with a padlock to keep items safe. We also make all-welded cabinets with plastic bins. This is great for organizing small hardware or parts. The Lyon maintenance center is a great option with a mix of modular drawers and bin storage as well as a work surface for light repair work. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

lyon all welded cabinets in a warehouse
Lyon All-Welded Storage Cabinet 1120

all-welded 14-gauge steel construction

Lyon All-Welded Shelf Bin Cabinet 1156

industrial cabinets with bins for smaller items

Lyon All-Welded Clearview Storage Cabinet 1120V

cabinets with windows in the doors

Shop our huge selection of industrial storage cabinets. These warehouse storage solutions come in different sizes and styles. We keep our most popular models in stock so they can quickly ship out to you.

lyon employee lockers for warehouse

Employee Lockers

Lyon also has warehouse storage solutions for employee’s personal items. Our ExchangeMaster line of employee lockers can provide your workers with a place to store their personal items. Our privacy lockers are designed to securely store phones, lunches, and handbags. The apparel locker has a coat rod for hanging uniforms and other garments. These metal lockers come with built-in lock options to add some convenience to your workers. Both privacy and apparel lockers have vents in the door for air flow. Giving your workers a secure place to store their items provides them the peace of mind and benefit of not having to carry their stuff around while working. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Check out Lyon’s large selection of employee lockers. Provide your workers a place to store personal items with these warehouse storage solutions. Our lockers have lots of compartments without taking up too much floor space.

Lyon 6 Tier Locker with Digital Locks

six tier lockers with resettable electronic locks

lyon exchangemaster locker personal effects locker 8 door padlock dd6308wpla

master door access to swap out used garments

LockeRack Metal Employee Lockers in Putty

metal lockers with integrated coat rod