Tool Crib Storage Solutions

Lyon has been providing tool crib storage solutions for over a century. Our storage products can help make sure your industrial tool crib is neat and organized. Modular drawer cabinets with overhead cabinets help provide space for small tool and hardware with bulk storage above. Lyon bin shelving allows you to create designated slots for items. Our all-welded cabinets are heavy-duty industrial cabinets that can stand up to heavy tools and gear. For storing larger items, the bulk storage racks provide the perfect solution for big power tools and large replacement parts. Making sure everything has its own space helps making tool crib management easy. Lyon has the expertise to help make sure that happens.

lyon modular drawer cabinets for tool crib storage

Modular Drawer Cabinets

Lyon modular drawer cabinets are a tool crib storage solution that can help reduce your footprint by 50%. Drawers fully extend so you can easily see all the tools and hardware inside. They can also hold up to 400 lbs. Drawer handles have labels so you can clearly note what is in each drawer. Use layout kits to divide drawers up so everything has a place. When your needs change you can easily move partitions and dividers so you can make a new drawer layout to fit your needs. Finally, you can add overhead cabinets above the modular drawers to provide bulk storage for overstock or larger tools that don’t fit in a drawer. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Check out Lyon’s large selection of modular drawer cabinets. These tool crib storage solutions have lots of options. You can create an entire set up to meet your needs.

lyon modular drawer cabinets group dove gray

in stock and ready to ship to you

Easily rearrange dividers of the layout kit to make perfect size compartments.

easily subdivide your modular drawers

lyon modular cabinet overhead units

create storage above your modular drawers

All-Welded Storage Cabinets

Lyon all-welded storage cabinets are an industrial heavy-duty tool crib storage solution. You can adjust the shelves on 3-inch centers and they can hold up to 1,450 lbs. This lets you store heavy tools and parts such as pumps on these shelves. All these cabinets come with heavy-duty handles that you can secure with a padlock. Lyon also makes all-welded cabinets with plastic bins. These are ideal for storing hardware and small repair parts in your tool crib. The maintenance centers have a mix of modular drawers, plastic bins, and shelf storage. These versatile cabinets also feature a work surface so some light repair work can be done in the tool crib. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

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Lyon All-Welded Storage Cabinet 1120

all-welded 14-gauge steel construction

Lyon All-Welded Shelf Bin Cabinet 1155

industrial cabinets with bins for smaller items

Lyon All-welded Ventilated Storage Cabinet 1145DP

industrial cabinets with diamond perforated doors

Shop our huge selection of industrial storage cabinets. These tool crib storage solutions come in different sizes and styles. We keep our most popular models in stock so they can quickly ship out to you.

Bulk Storage Rack with Solid Decking

Bulk Storage Racks

Lyon’s bulk storage racks provide a tool crib storage solution for large, heavy tools and parts. Bulk storage racks come with different decking options so you can find the right style for your tool crib needs. Each section of these racks can hold up to 10,000 lbs. This will let them easily hold your heaviest tools or parts such as motors and power equipment. You can adjust the beams on 1-½” vertical centers so your storage can change when your needs change. These heavy-duty racks can be used at a free standing unit or if your tool crib is large enough you can create a row of racks. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Check out Lyon’s large selection of bulk storage racks. They are available in a variety of sizes with different decking options. Add-ons can be joined with a started to create a wall of storage in your tool crib. With our individual components, you can build your own tool crib storage solutions as well.

lyon bulk storage rack with particle board decking 4 level starter

available in lots of sizes and decking options

lyon bulk storage rack components

create a custom rack or add on to an existing one

lyon bulk storage rack accessories

stabilize and evenly space racks with accessories

Metal Bin Shelving

Lyon metal bin shelving is a great tool crib storage solution because you can assign locations for tools and parts. Since you have assigned spots for everything, it is easy for workers to find the items they need. The 20-gauge steel shelves can hold at least 800 lbs so they can handle heavy loads. You can also adjust shelves on 1-½” centers and dividers adjust on 3-inch centers. This lets you change up your storage when your needs change. Add label holders to the front of each shelf. This lets you add proper labeling or barcodes if you use a barcode tracking system for your tool crib. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

8000 Series Starters and Add-ons
lyon 8000 series 36 inch wide bin shelving 36 compartment starter

provide dedicated spots for items

Lyon Industrial Shelving Accessories Box Shelf Bin Front

keep items from rolling off a shelf

lyon 8000 series accessories and parts

make sure your shelving is safe and secure

Shop our huge selection of metal bin shelving and accessories. Use one section of shelving as a freestanding unit inside your tool crib. You can also combine several add-on units with a starter to create a full wall of shelving as part of any tool crib storage solution.

lyon tool crib workbench with modular cabinets and hardwood top

Attendant Workbenches

Our tool crib storage solutions help keep items organized but it is the tool crib attendant who manages it and makes sure everything is accounted for. Lyon workbenches can provide a desk area for the attendant to work at. The integrated modular drawer cabinet provides storage for either personal items or extra space for tools. The hardwood top is large enough for a computer if you use electronic tracking. The durable work surface also provides a spot for the attendant to do repair or maintenance work on either tools or parts. You can also build a counter area using modular drawer cabinets and work surfaces. Provide your tool crib attendant a work space to make sure your operation runs smoothly. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Check out Lyon’s large selection of workbenches. These tool crib storage solutions can provide drawer storage or a spot to do repair work. Find one of our pre-built options that can meet your needs or build your own workbench with the features you want.

Lyon Workbench Components

build the exact workbench to fit your space

Lyon Modular Drawer Cabinet Concept 3 Two-Cabinet Workbench 251WBC03

pre-engineered workbench concepts

Lyon Heavy Duty Steel Top Workbench

simple all-welded metal shop tables