Healthcare Storage Solutions

Lyon has a huge selection of healthcare storage solutions for either your hospital, medical office, or lab. Find lockers for your employees that help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Our healthcare lockers feature our antimicrobial coating. When moisture touches the paint surface, it triggers silver ions to release. These ions help keep surfaces clean by stopping the growth of microbes. The silver ions do this by stopping the metabolism of both bacteria and viruses. While this compound is totally inorganic, it is still less toxic than table salt. The EPA, FDA, and NSF have all approved this compound. We also have mobile medical carts for hospitals and medical facilities. Find social distancing partitions and hand sanitizer stations to help with the spreading of COVID or other diseases. Let Lyon help you solve your storage problems so you can help take care of your patients.

lyon antimicrobial healthcare locker

Healthcare Lockers

When it comes to healthcare storage solutions, Lyon starts with the medical staff locker rooms. Our healthcare lockers help protect against the touch transfer of bacteria on the surfaces of the locker. They also help stop the growth of bacteria and mold. This protection is on every surface of the locker, even the hidden surfaces such as the back and bottom. We include smooth fronts, sloping tops, and E-Zee™ style locker bases on our healthcare lockers. The stainless steel recessed lift handle has a built in padlock hasp for a user provided lock. These lockers help keep both your employees and your patients healthy.

Lyon stocks these healthcare lockers in an antimicrobial Monorail Gray finish. Our antimicrobial compound can be added to any Lyon’s Premier Colors. Interested in this product? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Lyon Antimicrobial Healthcare Locker Single Tier 3-wide

one-wide or three-wide units available

An integral slope top prevents items from being stacked on top of the locker.

prevents items from being stacked on top

Double Tier Antimicrobial Healthcare Lockers includes hooks for hanging personal items.

fit twice as many lockers in the same space

Mobile Medical Carts

Lyon’s medical carts are mobile healthcare storage solutions for hospitals and trauma centers. The durable casters let your staff easily move them to where they are needed. The drawers are modular so you can divide them up to organize the medical supplies stored inside. The emergency cart has a bright red finish so it can easily be seen. The isolation carts are yellow so people know not to remove them from the room or ward. All of our mobile medical carts can be locked to keep the items secure. Having a well-organized medical cart will help your staff provide the best care they can to their patients.

lyon healthcare medical carts hospital room
Lyon Select Series Cart Pull Out Side Shelves and Twin Poly Handles

includes electronic lock with key override

Lyon 4 Drawer Standard Emergency Cart

includes breakaway lock bar for security

Lyon 4 Drawer Mini Tower Bedside Cart

slender design fits in more places

Ideal for use in either hospitals or trauma centers, our medical carts are latex free. Outrigger stabilizing frames help prevent the carts from tipping. Interested in this product? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

lyon healthcare preventative solutions

Social Distancing Barriers and Hand Sanitizer Stands

We don’t just offer healthcare storage solutions. Lyon also has preventative solutions such as social distancing barriers and sanitizer stations. These items help to keep your hospital and medical office staff as well as your patients healthy. Our free standing partitions are light and easy to move. We also have table top barriers for front desk and office areas. All of our barriers are easy to clean and sanitize. Our sanitizer stations are an attractive option to provide hand sanitizer in common areas for both your employees and patients. Upgrade your hand sanitizer stand to include a mask dispenser to provide disposable medical masks.

Barriers and hand sanitizer stands easy move to accommodate your changing needs. Hands Free Door Pulls are also available. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Several semi-transparent social distancing partition barriers used for customer service lines.

stationary or mobile with clear or semi-transparent vinyl

Lyon Table Top Barrier for Round Tables

available for rectangular or round tables

Lyon Hand Sanitizer Station Stand with Mask Dispenser Closeup

available with our without mask dispenser

Any of Lyon’s products can become healthcare storage solutions with the addition of our antimicrobial coating. You can add it to any of our powder coat paint finishes. This means you can get shelving or storage racks that help prevent the spread of disease.