Lyon has a huge selection of healthcare storage solutions for either your hospital, medical office, or lab. Find lockers for your employees that help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Our healthcare lockers feature our antimicrobial coating. When moisture touches the paint surface, it triggers silver ions to release. These ions help keep surfaces clean by stopping the growth of microbes. The silver ions do this by stopping the metabolism of both bacteria and viruses. While this compound is totally inorganic, it is still less toxic than table salt. The EPA, FDA, and NSF have all approved this compound. We also have shelving and record storage racks for hospitals and medical facilities. Let Lyon help you solve your storage problems so you can help take care of your patients.

Healthcare Lockers

When it comes to healthcare storage solutions, Lyon starts with the medical staff locker rooms. Our healthcare lockers help protect against the touch transfer of bacteria on the surfaces of the locker. They also help stop the growth of bacteria and mold. This protection is on every surface of the locker, even the hidden surfaces such as the back and bottom. The stainless steel recessed lift handle has a built in padlock hasp for a user provided lock.

Each compartment comes with coat hooks for hanging uniforms as well as personal garments. These lockers help keep both your employees and your patients healthy. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

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Lyon stocks these healthcare lockers in an antimicrobial Monorail Gray finish. Our antimicrobial compound can be added to any Lyon's Premier Colors.

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Single Tier Lockers

ideal to store personal effects and long lab coats

Antimicrobial Finish

powerful silver ions provide antimicrobial protection

Double Tier Lockers

fit twice as many lockers in the same space

Shelving and Rivet Racks

Lyon 2000 series shelving and rivet rack are two economical healthcare storage solutions for applications like records or maintenance storage. Rivet rack is a boltless shelving that requires no tools to assemble. The beams easily drop into the uprights to form a sturdy rack. You can add either particle board or wire decking. For a traditional steel shelving, Lyon's 2000 series is a great economical option. Shelves adjust on 1-1/2" centers without needing any tools.

Provide shelf storage in supply rooms or the front office with a stand-alone unit or create a row of shelving for a records storage room. This versatile shelving can help solve storage problems in lots of situations in your hospital or medical office. Interested in this product? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

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Use one section of shelving alone or combine several add-on units with a starter to create a full wall of shelving. Add Shelves And Accessories when your storage needs change. Add Wire Or Particle Board Decking to your Rivet Rack Sections.

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Closed Sides And Back

Keep items from being pushed off the shelf unit

Easily Adjustable

easily adjust both shelving and rack without tools

Rivet Rack

offers space for large and bulky items

Uniform Exchange Lockers and Soiled Linen Disposal

Lyon healthcare storage solutions include uniform exchange lockers. This allows doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to grab new uniforms for their shift. The master access allows your linen and uniform supplier to easily load lockers with new clean and sterile items. We have lockers for hanging garments or uniforms as well as smaller lockers for folded linen. Exchange lockers help prevent uniform and linen inventory loss.

Pair your new exchange lockers with a soiled linen disposal locker. This provides a spot for your staff to deposit used or soiled uniforms and linens. The locker will keep the items secure until your linen service can pick them up. Having spots for dirty items helps keep your place sterile. Interested in this product? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

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Uniform exchange lockers include different locking options. Choose from turn locks, key locks, or even combination locks.

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Hanging Garment Lockers

available with 4, 6, or 8 doors

Folded Linen Locker

available with 9, 10, or 16 doors

Soiled Linen Disposal

available in three sizes