Employee Lockers

Give Your Employees a Secure Place to Store Personal Items

Lyon offers a huge selection of metal employee lockers. Designed to meet the demands of modern workplaces, our lockers offer secure and organized storage solutions for your staff. Explore a wide range of sizes, layouts, and styles, all built with attention to durability and functionality in mind. From compact personal lockers to spacious multi-tier options, we have the perfect fit for your organization’s needs. Elevate workplace efficiency while keeping personal items secure with our lockers.

Box Lockers

These metal employee lockers are designed to efficiently store personal belongings, uniforms, and small items. These lockers provide a simple and secure solution for employees’ storage needs in offices, gyms, or any setting with limited space. With a variety of sizes available, you can boost your storage capacity without compromising on functionality. Explore our box lockers so you can turn your space into an organized and clutter-free environment.

ClearSight Lockers

These metal employee lockers offer a modern solution for workplace storage, allowing for easy visibility of contents while keeping a secure environment. Designed for various industries, from offices to educational institutions, these clear door lockers provide an added level of security. With different sizes and layouts available, you can choose the perfect fit for your space and storage requirements. Upgrade your workplace with these sleek and functional lockers, promoting a sense of order while keeping your employees’ belongings safe and accessible.


The design of these metal employee lockers offer both secure storage for personal items and a dedicated space to hang coats and apparel. Ideal for workplaces, schools, and fitness centers, these lockers ensure that your employees have a space to store their items. The integrated coat rods provide a seamless solution for hanging coats, uniforms, and bags, optimizing space and functionality. With various sizes and layouts available, so you can choose the perfect combination to meet your storage and hanging needs. Elevate your workplace’s efficiency and aesthetics with the Lyon LockeRack, where practicality meets professionalism.

Cell Phone Lockers

Discover the ultimate solution for secure device storage with our cell phone lockers. Whether you’re in a school, office, or public space, these metal employee lockers provide storage for cell phones and small personal items. Choose from a variety of sizes and layouts so you can meet your specific needs, all designed with durability and security in mind. Our wall mount locker is equipped with USB charging outlets, ensuring that your devices remain safe and powered up. Explore our range of cell phone lockers and take a step towards a more organized and efficient space.

Linen And Uniform Lockers

These metal lockers are specifically designed to facilitate hassle-free uniform exchanges, so that your employees always have access to fresh attire. With separate compartments for clean and soiled garments, these lockers promote hygiene and organization in settings such as healthcare facilities, hotels, and industrial environments. Explore our range of sizes to find the perfect fit for your needs, and upgrade the way you manage uniforms. Upgrade to our ExchangeMaster Lockers for a seamless approach to keeping a polished and well-presented workforce.

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