Employee Lockers

Give Your Employees a Secure Place to Store Personal Items

Lyon offers a huge selection of metal employee lockers that are sure to fit your needs. Our steel lockers come with 4 to 16 doors. Easily offer a secure place for your employees to store their personal items. Restaurants, warehouses, and offices can benefit greatly from having workplace lockers. It provides your staff the peace of mind that their personal effects are safe and sound. Lyon has been the industry standard for metal lockers for workplace use for over a century.

Personal Lockers

These metal employee lockers are designed to store phones, lunches, and handbags. The privacy and apparel lockers come with different built-in lock options. The LockeRack is a horseshoe style office storage locker system with room for 16 people. It has a built-in coat rod for hanging garments. The wall mount version of the LockeRack is a great option is floor space is limited at your workplace. Lyon six tier cube employee storage lockers are also a great option. Provide your workers a place to keep their items safe while on the job with metal office lockers. These work lockers for employees are great options not just in your locker room. They can fit in breakrooms and common areas.

Uniform Lockers

Check out our metal employee lockers for uniforms. Our hanging garment lockers come with master door access. Easily allow a laundry management company to pick up and replace uniforms for your workers. These metal work lockers will ensure your staff has their proper clothing while helping reduce uniform loss. Our exchange lockers come in multiple sizes to fit items like coveralls, smocks, and other protective gear.

Linen Lockers

These metal employee lockers are for workers who get either folded linen or uniforms like scrubs. Folded garment and linen lockers hold between 2 and 7 average sized garments depending on the size. If you provide a uniform service such as scrubs in a hospital or medical office, this allows them to access the locker with a master door. The linen company can open the master door and then deliver the new folded linen to each locker. Then your employee opens up their locker to access their scrubs or uniforms.

Soiled Linen Disposal Lockers

Pair either your new uniform or linen lockers with a soiled item disposal locker. Give your employees a safe place to store dirty uniforms and linens. Perfect for either hospitals or doctor’s offices that provide scrubs to workers.

Our ExchangeMaster metal employee lockers come in our Dove Gray powder coat finish. The LockeRack and standard steel lockers come in either our Dove Gray or Putty finishes. The powder coat paint will help protect your metal staff lockers from everyday use. We ship our ExchangerMaster lockers pre-assembled with pop rivets so they are ready to install when you get them. Make sure you properly anchor your staff storage lockers to either the floor and/or wall for safety. Looking for other locker options? Check out our full line of Metal Lockers.