Weapons Storage Cabinets

Weapons Storage Cabinets

Lyon weapons storage cabinets are the ultimate storage solution for either the military, domestic defense, or police. Maximize your storage, work space and security with a Lyon modular gun cabinet. These modular gun storage cabinets offer a 4 to 1 space savings. This is compared to typical rack systems. Choose from either rifle or pistol storage. A single cabinet can hold up to either 400 pistols or 40 rifles. We have 5 width sizes to choose from. Lyon designed these cabinets to meet the requirements of paragraph 4 of the small arms storage rack certification document. This is part of AR 190-11 for the physical security of arms, ammunition, and explosives.

Features of Weapons Storage Cabinets

A few extra features make Lyon’s modular drawer cabinets the perfect solution for tactical weapons storage. An integrated locking system is at both vertical drawer ends. The padlock is not included. Foam inserts for pistols both protect and secure weapons within each drawer. We also offer rubber coated gun partitions. All drawers feature a polyester mesh liner. This helps protect the weapon surface. The drawer handle has a built in label holder. You can clearly mark which each weapon storage cabinet drawer contains.

Lyon builds the drawers of these weapons storage cabinets to hold up to 400 lbs. Drawers pull out fully for easy viewing of either the pistols or rifles. You can also get a hardwood top for the cabinet. It provides a durable work surface for any sort of weapon repair. The cabinet comes in a powder coat paint finish. It helps protect your cabinet from everyday use. Easily convert a drawer to store another type of firearm. Because of the modular design, there is no need to get a new cabinet.

All weapon storage cabinets measure 28-¼”d by 59-¼”h. If you are looking for a custom storage solution, please contact us. We can help you design a cabinet to fit your needs. Lyon makes their weapons storage cabinets in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. Looking for other modular cabinets? Check out Lyon’s full line of Modular Cabinets.

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