Slotted Angle

You can solve unique storage problems with the ease and strength of Lyon slotted steel angle. You can build what you need, when and where you need it. Use slotted angle to build either protective framing around your machinery or build a platform around assembly projects. Perforated angle steel will also make a great option for support framing for displays. These unique configurations are useful in either museums, retail outlets, or schools. Custom built racks work in any place that needs non-standard sizes of storage racks. Lyon has been the racking industry standard for over a century.

Slotted Angle Features

Lyon makes perforated angle steel from rugged, cold-rolled steel. All pieces are clearly stamped on 3-inch-centers for quick, simple measuring and cutting. The oval horizontal and vertical holes also allow precise adjustment of angles. We put holes along both edges of the angle pieces. Depending on which style you get, there are more rows of holes on the wider edge. The heavy-duty slotted angle iron has the widest edge, thus having more mounting hole options.

Available in 10 packs of different lengths. These specialty structure pieces come in both a light-duty and medium-duty 14-gauge steel angle as well as a 12-gauge heavy-duty angle. All gauges of steel angle are 1-½-inches-deep. Depending on the gauge, the slotted angle will have different widths. These all steel components have a galvanized finish. The finish is non-flaking and will help your custom structures stand up to heavy use and harsh environments.

Accessories include bracket gussets to bolt upright and cross members to assure both stability and rigidity. Lyon makes the gussets from 14-gauge cold-rolled steel in a galvanized finish. Nuts and bolts are available online in a pack of 100 so you have enough to build what you need. The bolts are ¾” inches and the hex head bolts are self-locking. Lyon can cover all your applications. Build an unlimited amount of custom structures with our slotted angle. Lyon makes their angle slotted steel in the USA. Looking for other metal storage racks? Check out Lyon’s full line of Storage Racks.

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