D&B 078828502 | CAGE 7G4B8 | NAICS 337215

Lyon LLC is a proud supplier of GSA approved products and storage solutions. Since 1901, Lyon has pioneered technologies and system solutions by way of lockers, shelving, storage racking, and modular drawer cabinets. Today, Lyon continues its commitment to helping all government facilities organize their items while maximizing work space.

Lyon offers several products to meet a variety of needs. We manufacture military grade lockers as well as storage cabinets. Our 2021 Full Line Products Catalog includes all of our GSA approved and open market products. Lyon proudly makes these products in the USA. View the variety of products below or request a quote for your project.

GSA Lockers

With the military in mind, Lyon specially designed the heavy-duty TA-50 gear locker to hang uniforms and hold bulky gear. The flight-related needs of pilots inspired the design of the Command Gear lockers. The upper compartment and hanging rods create perfect storage for helmets and flight vests. Our GSA approved law enforcement lockers as well as collegiate lockers provide a great solution for holding uniforms turnout gear. Local municipalities and city buildings also benefit from providing our standard lockers in their locker rooms and break rooms. Whatever your locker needs may be, Lyon has got you covered!

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Modular Drawer Cabinets

Lyon's modular cabinets meet several GSA requirements for weapons storage and equipment prep. Our GSA approved Weapons Storage Cabinets provide safe storage for either pistols or rifles. Our double width modular drawer cabinets and open shelf units combined with long workbench tops create an ideal area for parachute pack tables and storage. Providing an efficient work area for para-riggers to pack, maintain, repair and store parachutes ensures the parachutes are in good working order. Adding mobile drawer cabinets to your base helps save time by bringing parts and tools to any area that may need them.

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Shelving and Storage Rack

Lyon offers several GSA solutions for storing items large and small. Bulk storage rack and pallet rack alike create high density storage for parachutes, rations, field supplies and uniforms. The tall uprights of these GSA approved storage racks help take advantage of the soaring vertical space in large military warehouses. Government buildings also benefit from Lyon's 8000 series to help organize smaller file boxes and paperwork.

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Storage Cabinets

Lyon offers several GSA solutions for securing smaller items. All-welded storage cabinets are an ideal warehouse solution. You can adjust the shelves on 3-inch centers and they can hold up to 1,450 lbs. All these cabinets come with heavy-duty handles that you can secure with a padlock. Lyon also makes all-welded cabinets with plastic bins. These are ideal for storing hardware and small repair parts. The maintenance centers have a mix of modular drawers, plastic bins, and shelf storage. These versatile cabinets also feature a work surface so some light repair work can be done on site.

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In an effort to present the Full Line Product Catalog to our GSA contacts, we must highlight which ARE NOT GSA approved products. The below listed catalog pages are included but not limited to the collective items which are not GSA approved.

16-25 - 2000 Series Industrial Shelving
35 - Pre-Engineered 84"h Rivet Rack, Rivet Rack Wire Decking, Rivet Rack Components
36 - Rivet Rack Beams, Rivet Rack Center Supports
98-101 - ValTec Steel Lockers