Metal Stools

Elevate Your Space with the Lyon 1901 Metal Stool: Stylish and Practical Seating Options

Elevate your seating options with our wide range of metal stools. Designed to infuse a touch of industrial chic into your space, these metal farmhouse stools are not only stylish but also exceptionally practical. Whether you’re furnishing your home, a trendy bar, or a bustling restaurant, our industrial metal stools offer the perfect combination of form and function.

The 1901 Stool

Introducing the 1901 stool, a modern reinterpretation of Lyon’s original classic metal stool. We have thoughtfully reimagined this timeless design to offer a perfect blend of heritage and innovation. The 1901 metal stool, acknowledging its industrial origins, upholds Lyon’s renowned durability. Crafted from high-quality materials, this stool pays homage to its predecessor while embracing contemporary design elements. It’s not just a stool; it’s a piece of history reinvigorated for the demands of today’s spaces. It received the name 1901 to commemorate the year of Lyon’s founding. Experience the classic charm and modern functionality of the 1901, a testament to Lyon’s commitment to quality and design excellence.

Why Choose Metal Stools?

We build industrial steel stools to last, making them a perfect choice for busy households or commercial settings. Our heavy-duty metal stools can bear heavy weights, ensuring their longevity and reliability. The sleek and modern design of stackable metal stools seamlessly blends with various interior styles, from contemporary to industrial.

Counter Stools

A stool is classified as a “counter stool” primarily based on its height and intended use. Counter stools have a design so that they are the ideal seating solution for counters or kitchen islands. Their height typically ranges from 24 to 26 inches, which is lower than that of bar stools but higher than standard chairs or dining stools. Choose this specific height to allow comfortable seating at a standard kitchen or counter-height surface.

Metal counter stools are well-suited for casual dining, enjoying a quick meal, or conversing with someone in the kitchen while they prepare food. Their design allows them to fit neatly under the counter, saving space when not in use. Their style often complements modern kitchen aesthetics. Counter stools are a functional and versatile choice for various kitchen and dining settings, making them the preferred seating option for counters.

Bar Stools

A stool is classified as a “bar stool” due to its distinct height and suitability for bar or counter seating. Designers create metal bar stools to be taller than standard chairs, typically ranging in height from 28 to 33 inches. This elevation is well-matched for seating at bars, pub tables, or higher countertop surfaces. Bar stools provide a comfortable and relaxed perch for patrons in bars, restaurants, and other entertainment venues. Their tall design encourages a more upright seating position. This makes them ideal for socializing, enjoying drinks, or watching a game at a bar.

Additionally, bar stools often incorporate footrests for added comfort. Their versatility extends beyond bars. They are commonly used in home kitchens with raised islands, game rooms, or as supplementary seating for various purposes. In essence, a stool becomes a “bar stool” by virtue of its height and suitability for bar and counter seating scenarios.

With our diverse selection of modern metal stools, you can achieve the desired aesthetic for your space while ensuring durability and comfort. Explore our collection and find the perfect stool to enhance your seating area. Whether you’re going for an urban industrial vibe or a more classic look, our metal farm stools will meet your design aspirations.

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