Solid Wood Seat For 1901 Metal Stool

  • Durable solid wood construction
  • Warm walnut stain finish
  • Protective clear finish
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Upgrade your seating experience with the perfect fusion of style and warmth. Crafted with precision and designed to fit securely on your metal stool, this solid wood seat for our 1901 metal stools complements your space with a touch of classic charm and modern functionality.

The Lyon 1901 Collection

Introducing the 1901 stool, a modern reinterpretation of Lyon’s classic metal design. With a nod to its industrial heritage, it offers the durability you expect, reimagined for contemporary spaces. This stool, crafted from high-quality materials, seamlessly blends history and innovation. Named after Lyon’s founding year, the 1901 collection brings classic charm and modern functionality to your space, showcasing Lyon’s commitment to quality and design excellence.

Durable Construction

Built to last, our solid wood seat for our 1901 metal stools is crafted from high-quality solid wood, featuring a rich walnut stain. The seat also has a protective clear finish to ensure long-lasting quality and comfort for years to come.

Why Choose a Wooden Seat Attachment?

Say goodbye to cold, uncomfortable seating. Our solid wood seat not only adds a touch of warmth to your 1901 metal stool but also enhances your overall seating experience. The richness of the walnut finish invites you to sit and relax, whether you’re enjoying a meal or working at a counter. It brings an element of classic style to your stool, blending seamlessly with your space’s aesthetics.


Perfect for a wide range of environments, this solid wood seat for our 1901 metal stools is versatile. Whether you’re a business owner upgrading your bar or restaurant seating, a homeowner enhancing your kitchen or home bar, or even upgrading your office, this attachment suits various settings.


Attaching the solid wood seat to your 1901metal stool is a breeze. We provide you with everything you need for a hassle-free installation. It securely bolts in place, ensuring stability while you enjoy the benefits.

Transform your metal stool into a warm and comfortable seating solution with our wooden seat attachment. Say hello to style, comfort, and quality. Order now to redefine your seating space.

Note: The Steel Back Attachment is designed to fit seamlessly with Lyon’s 1901 metal stools.

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Quantity per Package 1 Solid Wood Seat


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