School Storage Solutions

Lyon has been providing school storage solutions since 1901. Our metal lockers can be found in school hallways all across the country. We have a large offering of lockers to meet any need your school might have from standard lockers for students to athletic lockers for the football team. No matter the level of education, we have got a locker that will fit your needs. Lyon also makes storage cabinets and shelving for storing school supplies and other items.

Hallway Lockers in Grey

Custom Lockers

Configuring school storage solutions such as lockers can be tricky. Making sure you have enough lockers still fit in the available space is hard. Lyon can work with you to come up with a custom locker solution that can meet your needs and your budget. We have lots of options such as door gauge and number of tiers. You can get either corridor lockers to recess in a hallway or metal cubbies for younger student classrooms. Add built-in locks or our standard handles come with a padlock hasp. Finally, add finishing items such as closed bases or sloping tops to help keep your lockers looking tidy and neat. Interested in this product? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Check out Lyon’s large selection of school lockers. We can help you with custom designed lockers for a perfect fit. If you need something quicker, our PDQ lockers come in 10 finishes and ship in half the time as out custom school storage solutions.

Lyon PDQ Lockers

popular standard locker sizes available in 10 finishes

lyon manufactured lockers

we can help you design lockers to fit your needs

lyon locker parts and accessories

find anchors, number plates, and locks

Athletic and Gym Lockers

Lyon offers storage solutions for both school athletics and gym locker rooms. Our Collegiate line of athletic lockers provide student athletes with room for all their sports gear. The ventilated sides provide extra air flow to keep items cool and dry. You can add a door to keep items locked up. An optional bench compartment doubles as both storage and a seat to sit down while getting dressed. Our ventilated gym lockers have all the features of our standard metal lockers but with diamond perforations on the doors and sides. Get them in all our tier options so you can provide your students the right size locker to meet their needs. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Lyon deluxe collegiate lockers boston red sox
Lyon victory locker d with small compartment and footlocker

available with security compartments and footlockers

Locker Room

ventilated doors allow for extra air flow

16" Leg Lockers

pedestal benches or built-in benches available

Shop our huge selection of gym and sport lockers. Lyon has the school storage solutions to completely deck out your school’s gym locker rooms or athletic team’s locker rooms.

Lyon home page image 1200 series cabinet

Storage Cabinets

Lyon 1200 series storage cabinets are a school storage solution for both administration and the classroom. We have full height and counter height shelf cabinets with adjustable shelves. You can lock the doors with the built-in key lock to keep items secure inside. Teachers can keep supplies organized in their classroom so they are easy to get to. Shelves can hold up to 110 lbs so they can handle text books and other school supplies. The combination cabinet makes a great janitorial cabinet with shelf storage and hanging storage with room for a mop and broom. Finally, we have wardrobe cabinets for hanging garment storage for things like band or sports uniforms. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Check out Lyon’s huge selection of metal storage cabinets. Our cabinets are available in our standard Dove Gray powder coat finish. These locking storage cabinets are the industry standard for school storage solutions.

Lyon 1200 series standard office storage cabinet

lockable cabinets in various sizes and layouts

Lyon 1200 series counter height office storage cabinet

shorter versions of our metal cabinets

Shelf Clip for 1000 Series Cabinet

get replacement shelves and shelf clips

Shelving and Rivet Racks

Lyon 2000 series shelving and rivet rack are two economical school storage solutions for applications like records or maintenance storage. Rivet rack is a boltless shelving that requires no tools to assemble. The beams easily drop into the uprights to form a sturdy rack. You can add either particle board or wire decking. For a traditional steel shelving, Lyon’s 2000 series is a great economical option. Shelves adjust on 1-½” centers without needing any tools. Provide shelf storage in classrooms or the front office with a stand-alone unit or create a row of shelving for a records storage room. This versatile shelving can help solve storage problems in lots of situations in your school. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

lyon shelving record storage installed
lyon 8000 series 36 inch wide 5 shelf open shelving starter with props

open sides and back allows for high visibility

2000 series closed 5 shelf beaded post closed shelving starter with props

closed sides and back helps prevent items from falling off

Lyon rivet rack boltless rivet shelving with props

offers space for large and bulky items

Both the industrial shelving and rivet rack come in starters and add-ons. Use one section of shelving alone or combine several add-on units with a starter to create a full wall of shelving. These school storage solutions scale up easily to meet your needs.