Steel Lockers In Your Choice Of 10 Finishes

Lyon PDQ lockers are the solution to all your metal locker needs. Lyon has long been America’s leading manufacturer of a complete line of quality steel lockers and accessories. These metal lockers are perfect for either middle school or high school. A great fit for gym locker rooms too. We have a huge selection of tiers and sizes in both 1 wide and 3 wide lockers. Lyon has been the industry standard for steel lockers for over a century.

PDQ Locker Program

These metal lockers are part of the Lyon PDQ program. Our PDQ program lets you get our most popular locker sizes and tiers in your choice of 10 colors. They come with the same great features of our standard steel lockers. All of this and shipped directly to you faster than our made to order lockers. The doors and frames will be in a powder coat paint finish of your choice while the body parts will be our standard Putty finish. The durable paint finish will help your new lockers stand up to everyday use. You can also request no legs at no extra cost. Just make note of it in the customer notes field when ordering. In order to get your order out as quick as possible, please keep your PDQ locker order to one color choice.

Features of PDQ Lockers

All door frame corners are lapped and welded to form a strong, rigid assembly. We construct the doors using one-piece of prime, high grade class 1, 16-gauge steel for extra strength and durability. Our steel lockers come with 6-inch-high legs. Single tier lockers come with a shelf towards the top. Single, double, and triple tier lockers will have single prong hooks for hanging items.

Lyon puts a one-piece, top-to-bottom 16-gauge steel door strike on all lockers for strength and security. We install soft rubber bumpers, at door jamb locations, to cushion door slams for quiet use in schools. Also Lyon steel lockers have louvers for ventilation. Doors have holes punched for locker number plates. All locker doors are punched to fit a Lyon number plate. These will make it easy to ID and assign lockers.

Leg Options

You can order our PDQ lockers with our standard 6-inch-high legs. Locker legs help raise the locker bottom off the floor. The rear legs are adjustable so that you can ensure a level installation. Alternatively you can order your lockers without legs. This is ideal for recessed mounting in either a hallway or corridor. If you order lockers without legs, we also offer a Zee Base option for a clean finished look.

Locking Options

Our PDQ lockers will come with either recessed lift handles or pull handles. Both styles of handles have a built in padlock hasp so someone can use their own lock. Lockers with lift handles have a secure latching system that increases the protection against break-ins compared to other locker latching systems. You can add either built-in combination or key locks to these lockers. We offer Zephyr combo locks that feature a standard 3 number combination. Our flat key lock comes with 2 keys. You can easily add all built in lock options to lockers with either style of handle.

We offer our PDQ lockers either unassembled or assembled. Lyon will professionally assemble them with pop rivets for a sturdy assembly. A full line of accessories such as slope top kits or closed bases are available. Get anchors so that you can properly secure your lockers. We recommend you anchor all lockers to the floor and/or wall to prevent tipping. Lyon makes their steel lockers in the USA. Looking for other lockers? Check out Lyon’s full line of Metal Lockers.