PDQ Locker Accessories

Give Your PDQ Lockers A Finished Look

Lyon PDQ locker accessories such as sloping hoods and closed bases are the finishing trim pieces needed to complete your locker project. Do you have some lockers that could use paint? Lyon touch up spray paint is the best way to give your lockers a refresh. Spray paint is available in all 10 finishes to match your PDQ lockers. Closed front and end base can quickly convert existing lockers so that they have a clean and finished look. These items will help you complete your locker look.

You can add locker accessories like front and top fillers to your PDQ locker run to help the lockers fit better between walls and close up any extra gaps. You can add locker number plates so users can easily identify their Lyon lockers. We punch all our locker doors so that a number tag can be fitted onto them. Number plates come with pop rivets to secure them in place.

Locker Locks

Besides PDQ locker accessories, we have a selection of locks too. Lyon lockers come with handles with built in padlock hasps for user provided lockers but sometimes you want to add the convenience of a built in lock. You can easily add security to your new lockers with locker locks. Lyon makes their PDQ lockers so that they can accept a built-in lock. Our combination locks for lockers come with a standard 3 number combo. The Zephyr Combination Lock features a metal dial which has a grip ring that has a non-slip coating. The coating makes it easier to enter a combo. If you prefer locker locks with keys, we offer a Flat Key Lock with our PDQ locker accessories. It comes complete with 2 keys. All locks are quick and easy to install.

PDQ Locker Program

These locker accessories are part of the Lyon PDQ program. Our PDQ program lets you get our most popular locker sizes and tiers in your choice of 10 colors. They come with the same great features of our standard steel lockers. All of this and shipped directly to you faster than our made to order lockers. The doors and frames will be in a powder coat paint finish of your choice while the body parts will be our standard Putty finish. The durable paint finish will help your new lockers stand up to everyday use. In order to get your order out as quick as possible, please keep your PDQ locker order to one color choice. Looking for lockers instead of just accessories? Check out Lyon’s full line of PDQ Lockers.