Anchoring Angle for Lockers without Legs – 10 Pack


SKU: Anchoring Angle
Made in the USA


Use a Lyon anchoring angle to secure a locker without legs to the ground. The angle runs from the front to the rear on the inside bottom of a locker. Angles provide a bearing surface for the fasteners which are connected to either the floor or locker base. Then you can bolt the angle directly to the floor using the appropriate hardware. This package comes with 10 anchors.

In the interest of safety, Lyon strongly recommends that you anchor all your steel lockers without legs with an anchoring angle. Proper anchoring prevents lockers from tipping during use. Order one angle for each end of a row, plus sufficient quantity to provide angles on 36-inch-centers. On single row installations where locker backs are against a wall, you should also wall anchor the lockers. These are available for locker depths of either 12, 15, 18, or 21 inches. You will need to provide the proper anchors to secure the feet to the floor.

We make the anchoring angle out of heavy-duty steel for strength and durability. The galvanized steel provides added resistance to corrosion. For more details, see assembly instructions packed with lockers. We make these locker parts in the USA.

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Quantity per Package 10 Galvanized Anchoring Angles
Gauge 18 Gauge
NOTE: Anchoring Angles to be used for lockers WITHOUT legs


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