Modular Workbenches

Lyon Engineer Designed With Work Flow Efficiency In Mind

Lyon industrial workbenches with drawers are a complete option for creating a new workstation area. These industrial work tables with drawers are a turnkey solution to give you a complete work station. We have put together 19 workbench layouts. These are some of our most popular designs. Lyon engineers have carefully put together features to make the most of your workspace. Made so that everything is within arm’s reach. Places for either tools or parts to keep everything organized. These industrial workbenches with storage work in lots of places. Use them either as a desk in office, a work station for repair in a shop, or assembly in a factory.

Features of Industrial Workbenches with Drawers

These commercial workbench designs include a modular cabinet, hardwood top work surface, and other various options. Assemble any workbench with storage drawers on either the left side or the right side. Some workbench concepts come with a bench height panel leg which has a height of 33-¼ inches. These closed panel legs have a spot for an electrician to install an outlet so you can power any devices needed. All of our workbenches with drawers come with a hardwood top. The work surface is 1-¾ inches thick. They also have rounded edges and are finished with 2 coats of sealer. The wood top is perfect for any sort of precision work.

Modular Drawers

The main feature of Lyon industrial workbenches with drawers are our modular drawer cabinets. Each concept comes with one of our high density storage drawer cabinets. They are great for storing both parts and tools that are used for work. Drawers fully extend so that you can see the entire contents. Depending on the concept, you will get either a bench height or eye-level modular drawer cabinet. Some workbenches with storage drawers even come with 2 cabinets.

Industrial workbenches with drawers come with no layout kits. This lets you customize your heavy-duty workbench with drawers using Modular Drawer Layout Kits. You can also get dividers and partitions to create your own layout for your new workbench with cabinets and drawers if one of our kits doesn’t meet your needs.

Don’t forget to check out Lyon Shop Stools to go with these workbenches with storage cabinets. Choose one of our premium powder coat paint finishes for you heavy-duty workshop table with drawers. You can pick a color for the cabinet housing and another for the drawers. The paint will help protect your workbench from everyday use. Lyon makes their industrial workbenches with drawers in the USA. Looking for other workbench kits? Check out Lyon’s full line of Industrial Workbenches.