Lyon has long been America’s leading manufacturer of quality steel lockers for schools, hospitals, and industry. Wherever you go – either on campus or on the shop floor, in police, fire and municipal buildings, on military bases, in hospitals and nursing homes, or the back rooms of retail stores. You can find the familiar Lyon number plate on metal lockers in virtually every city and town in America. The familiar number plate on each Lyon locker door represents a commitment to both quality and product innovation for generations of students and workers alike. Besides standard metal lockers we have other great products. From sports lockers and gym lockers to gear or employee lockers. Lyon lockers have been the industry standard for more than a century. We proudly make our lockers in the USA!

School Lockers

These are our standard school locker. They are available in multiple sizes and number of doors. These metal storage lockers come standard with 6 inch legs as well as door louvers for ventilation. Depending on the tier, you will get either recessed lift or pull handles standard. All our locker handles will take a padlock for added security. Like all our lockers, we use a powder coat paint finish on our lockers to help protect them from every day use.

Gym Lockers

Lyon offers ventilated lockers that help increase air flow. The doors and sides have diamond perforations. These steel storage lockers are great for school gym locker rooms or health clubs. We also have metal sports lockers that for athletic team locker rooms. Collegiate lockers can come with built in bench seats to making gearing up for games a snap.

Employee Lockers

Cube lockers allow you to put lots of secure compartments in a small area such as an employee break room. We also have more specialized lockers such as gear lockers for police, law enforcement, or military use. If you need uniform exchange lockers, we have got you covered with our ExchangeMaster line of metal storage lockers. Checkout our antimicrobial lockers for use in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Custom Lockers

Looking at all our options and don’t know what best fits your project? Contact us today to speak with an expert. We can help you come up with a custom locker solution for you project. Lyon can work with you to come up with the perfect layout to fit both your space and budget.

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