Law Enforcement Storage Solutions

Lyon has a big selection of law enforcement storage solutions. We have Valor lockers for officers and agents to store their personal gear. Our weapons storage cabinets can help keep your armory organized and secure. The TA-50 gear locker is a heavy-duty all-welded storage locker that keeps gear or evidence secure. Finally, we have industrial shelving that can help keep things like banker boxes full of evidence or records organized. No matter the level of law enforcement, Lyon has the storage solutions for you.

Lyon Law Enforcement Valor Lockers

Valor Lockers

The Valor locker is an essential piece of any law enforcement storage solution. Lyon designed these gear lockers to meet the specific needs of police and other law enforcement agencies. The spacious design has room for boots, uniforms, and body armor. All compartments are lockable so your officers and agents can keep their personal items and weapons safe and secure. Our Valor locker has a modular design so you can easily design a setup to meet your needs. You can also add a bench top so that there is a place to sit down while officers change.

Choose either our preconfigured locker or create your own with our Valor Locker Ordering Guide. Our Valor lockers can be ordered in any of Lyon’s Premier Colors. Interested in this product? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Lyon Valor Law Enforcement Gear Lockers 24 inch Wide Putty

for hanging and flat storage

The divided vertical space allows for hanging garments. Store smaller personal items in the personal security kit.

small security box can be secured with a padlock

The lower drawer unit provides ample storage for boots, duffel bags, and larger gear.

lower storage drawer doubles as seating

TA-50 Gear Lockers

Lyon originally designed the TA-50 gear locker as a military storage solution so you know it will hold up for law enforcement. The heavy-duty locker can handle any sort of police gear. The TA-50 features diamond perforations to help keep any stored tactical gear cool and dry. The 3-point latching system keeps the doors shut. You can secure the locker with a padlock to keep the items stored inside safe and sound. It comes with a coat rod and coat hooks for hanging uniforms and coats. It also has a full width shelf at the top for storing other items. You can also use this durable gear locker to lock up evidence in your evidence room.

lyon ta-50 military storage facility
lyon TA-50 gear locker dove gray open dd1100ta50

for maximum airflow

Each TA-50 Gear Locker includes a 1" diameter coat rod and four coat hooks.

for hanging uniforms and garments

High security three-point latching system fully secures your items.

for securing personal gear

Galvannealed TA-50 is also available for areas with high humidity or salt air near the ocean. Our TA-50 gear lockers can be ordered in any of Lyon’s Premier Colors. Interested in this product? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

Modular Drawer Cabinet Aisles

Weapons Storage Cabinets

Lyon’s weapons storage cabinets offer a 4 to 1 space savings compared to standard rack law enforcement storage solutions. You can hold up to either 40 rifles or 400 pistols in a single cabinet. We put lock bars on both sides of the cabinet so that you can secure them with padlocks. You can get either rubber coated partitions or foam inserts so you can keep your firearms organized. The drawers fully extend so you can see all the pistols and rifles stored within. Our weapons storage cabinets meet the requirements of paragraph 4 of the small arms storage rack certification document. This is part of AR 190-11 for the physical security of arms, ammunition, and explosives.

Choose from any of Lyon’s Modular Cabinet Colors for the Weapons Storage Cabinets. Choose one color for the full unit or combine two colors for the unit and drawers. Protect the top of your cabinet by adding a Hardwood Top or Steel Retainer Top. Interested in this product? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

lyon modular weapons storage rifle drawer

include rubber-coated gun partitions

lyon modular weapons storage pistol drawer

includes foam inserts for pistols

lyon modular weapons storage external lock bar with padlock hasp

on each side include hasp to add padlock

Industrial Shelving

Lyon 2000 series industrial shelving is a versatile option for a law enforcement storage solution. This shelving is available with either open or closed sides and backs. Shelves adjust on 1-½” vertical centers so you can easily change your storage when your needs change. Depending on the gauge of the shelf, it can hold up to 1,300 lbs. This makes these shelving units ideal for either your records storage room or evidence room. They easily scale up to make rows of shelving. With different widths and depths, you can find the perfect size for your space.

lyon closed shelving record storage
2000 series closed 5 shelf beaded post closed shelving starter with props

keep items from being pushed of shelf unit

Lyon 2000 Series Shelf Clip

easily adjust on shelf clips without tools

Lyon 2000 Series Beaded Post

offers clear shelf access to maximize space

Use one section of shelving alone or combine several add-on units with a starter to create a full wall of shelving. Adjust, remove, or Add 2000 Series Shelves when your storage needs change. Interested in this product? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.