Cell Phone Lockers

Organize And Charge Devices In A Smart Storage Solution

Meet our cell phone lockers collection, where modern convenience meets enhanced security. Designed to address the evolving needs of today’s fast-paced world, these lockers provide a dedicated space for safely storing and charging cell phones. Ideal for offices, schools, gyms, and public spaces, our range offers various sizes and features to suit your specific requirements. Say goodbye to clutter and low battery anxiety as you explore our selection of lockers, each crafted to streamline organization while keeping your devices within reach. Elevate your storage solutions and explore the possibilities today!

Locker Construction

Our cell phone lockers include 18-gauge, one piece doors and 24-gauge body parts. Lyon laps and welds the door frame corners to create a strong and rigid assembly. The steel pull handle includes a hasp so that it can be secured with a user provided padlock. This friction handle features raised bumps that press on the frame hasp to hold the door closed when it is not in use. These lockers come with a durable powder coat paint finish so they stand up to everyday use.

USB Charging

Experience the convenience of USB charging with our 14 door wall mounted locker. Our cell phone lockers are not just storage solutions; they’re equipped with integrated USB charging ports, ensuring your devices stay powered up throughout the day. From offices to schools, these lockers offer a seamless solution so you can keep your devices secure and charged.

Lock Options

These cell phone lockers offer a traditional yet highly effective friction padlock hasp, so you can use your preferred padlock to secure your items. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various padlocks users might already have. You can also get lockers with a digital lock. This advanced technology offers unparalleled advantages, allowing authorized users seamless access through a secure PIN or RFID card.

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