Specialty Storage

Lyon Has Designed Storage Solutions To Help Solve Your Unique Problems

Lyon has a large offering of specialty storage solutions. Our engineers have designed these items to solve very specific storage problems. From automotive dealerships to retail display racks, we have got you covered. For over a century, Lyon has been the solving the needs of anyone looking for special storage solutions.

Wheel and Tire Storage Rack

Lyon designed this specialty storage rack for use in automotive dealerships and tire shops. Using our bulk storage rack ladder uprights, we have a vertical storage solution for wheels and tires. This rack allows you to take advantage of vertical space so it won’t take up too much space in your warehouse or on the shop floor. Lyon includes everything you need for a 3 level rack and we also include the hardware needed to anchor and secure your new rack. The 18″d rack can hold lots of sizes of tires. This fully adjustable rack will allow you to easily change up the levels when your needs change.

Hanging Storage Rack

We made this specialty storage solution with the automotive industry specifically in mind. This is our bulk storage rack with wire decking but we include “S” hooks to hang from the decking. This will allow you to easily store mufflers vertically. But this rack can store more than mufflers. It can easily handle any long, odd shaped item that would be easier to store up and down instead of sitting on a rack or shelf. The wire decking allows you to easily move the hooks around so your storage changes when your needs change.

Vertical Storage Rack

This specialty storage rack is designed to store items on their sides. If you have valuable items that you can’t stack on top of each other then this is the solution for you. The dividers allow you to section off levels of a rack. The dividers also provide a surface for you lean items against. This keeps things from rubbing against each other which will prevent damage such as dents and scratches. Our vertical storage rack is perfect for storing car parts with a a paint finish such as a fender or bumper.

Hood Storage Rack

Lyon created this specialty storage rack to safely store car hoods for body shops and automotive dealerships. It is like the vertical storage rack but for bigger items. Store large items like hoods in the lower area and you have a rack level above it to store other items. Great for either car doors or body parts. Created using our rivet shelving, the hood storage rack is easily adjustable just like all storage racks that we design.

Gravity Flow Rack

Our gravity rack is a specialty storage solution when you want stored items to always be at the front of the rack. Originally designed as an automotive battery rack, it is heavy-duty enough to store any sort of product. The waterfall wire decking sits at an angle so items slide forward but the decking has a lip to prevent them from falling off. These racks are great for general warehouse storage but can also be used of front of house display. Prevent workers or customers from having to strain or reach to the back of a rack or shelf to grab an item.