Overhead Storage Cabinets

Overhead Storage Cabinets

Expand your storage options with these metal overhead cabinets! These overhead storage cabinets provide additional bulk storage space above your modular drawer cabinet. Choose from a 24-7/8 inch height or a 31-1/8 inch height for your overhead cabinet. You can easily add an overhead unit to your existing modular drawer cabinet. You can also wall mount them and use them as overhead garage cabinets. Neat and organized storage improves your efficiency as well as inventory control. The list of fields where Lyon modular drawer cabinets are used is endless. From storing parts in a warehouse to organizing tools in a shop. These cabinets can get the job done.

Features of Overhead Storage Cabinets

The flat bottom of these steel overhead cabinets attaches directly to the cabinet top below. There is no drilling required! Fasteners are also included. We make the modular drawer cabinets with knock-outs in the tops. This allows for easy stacking of overhead storage cabinets. These units match the five widths of the drawer units. The overhead cabinet width must match the width of the lower cabinet. You can also add the double wide overhead metal cabinets over two standard width cabinets. This installation will produce a 3/8 inch gap on either side of the overhead unit.

These units offer your choice of an open front as well as with a door. Choose between a locking or non-locking option for the closed units. The slender, standard, as well as medium width closed overheads include one swing door. The extra wide and double wide closed overhead storage cabinets include two swing doors. Each unit also includes one adjustable shelf. You can easily adjust the shelves on 3/4″ vertical centers.

These units also come with your choice of 7 color options. You can choose your color for the cabinet and shelf. Also choose a second color for the door on closed units. The powder coat paint finish will protect your cabinets from everyday use. We make all of our overhead storage cabinets in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. Check out all of our modular drawer cabinets if you need a lower unit.

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