Lyon Helps You Create An Ideal Work Space That Keeps Everything You Need Close And Easy To Access

Lyon offers two options to provide commercial workbenches with drawers and cabinets. Get either a pre-engineered concept which are turn key heavy-duty industrial workbenches or workbench kits to convert an existing modular drawer cabinet. Both kits and concepts feature hardwood tops. The wood work surface has rounded edges and is 1-¾ inches thick. A Lyon workbench puts all your tools and hardware within arms reach. Making sure everything is where it belongs will help increase efficiency. Our heavy-duty industrial workbenches can be found everywhere, from offices to factories. Create a workstation to build or repair electronics. Make a packing station for your shipping department. No matter your use case, Lyon offers the options to make the perfect workbench solution.

Metal Workbenches

These heavy-duty industrial workbenches are simple, all-welded options that are as durable as they are affordable. Find both a fixed height and an adjustable height workbench option. Some workbenches come with stainless steel work surfaces for sterile use. We also have a workbench with a lockable cabinet where you can store tools and gear when not in use. These work tables will stand up to the most harsh conditions for years of use.

Modular Workbenches

The pre-engineered concept is a Lyon industrial workbench that is a complete option for creating a new work area. Workbench concepts include a modular drawer cabinet, work surface, and various options for legs, foot rests, shelves, risers, bookcases, and more. Heavy-duty industrial workbenches and concepts are assembled on site. You can build them with the modular drawer cabinet on either left side or right side. Lyon’s engineers have designed 19 of these pre-made concepts so that they have useful touches. These heavy-duty shop workbenches are some of our most popular layouts.

Automotive Workbenches

Are you looking to get your service department organized? Lyon has a selection of workbenches for use in dealerships and auto shops. The EVO series has hundreds of options and can be custom configured to meet your specific needs. Our transmission tear down bench can handle the toughest repair jobs your techs are doing and make sure the work doesn’t make a dangerous mess on your shop floor.

Modular Workbench Kits

Do you already have a modular drawer cabinet? You can also convert an existing Lyon drawer cabinet into a work bench tool storage system with a commercial workbench kit. We offer 2 styles of workbench kits. Both styles include hardwood tops, adjustable footrests, and closed leg panels. Style 2 heavy-duty industrial workbenches also come with a shelf riser, back stop, and pick rack. Our workbench kits come in sizes for 4 heights of drawer cabinets. Convert either a desk, table, bench, or mid-range drawer cabinet with ease.

Modular Workbench Components

Do you already have heavy-duty industrial workbenches and want to add to the functionality? Lyon has a huge selection of accessories and parts you can add on to your modular workbenches. Find either open or closed workbench legs. Get shelf risers, pick racks, and plastic bins. We have side and back stops to help prevent tools and parts from falling off the worksurface and either breaking or getting lost.

Mobile Workbenches

We also heavy-duty industrial workbenches on wheels. Our mobile workbenches have all the great features of a Lyon modular drawer cabinet but with durable casters and a handle. Take your workbench on the go to where you need it. Add either a hardwood work surface or steel retainer top to provide a place to do repair work on the cart.

Workbench Seating

Lyon has stools to provide your workers with an ergonomic spot to sit at their heavy-duty industrial workbenches. Choose from either drafting chairs with a backrest or a sit stand stool that is perfect for assembly and repair work. We also have accessories for the tools such as glides and armrests.

We coat all steel components of our heavy-duty steel workbenches with one of our premium powder coat paint finishes. This will help protect your workbenches from everyday use. Lyon makes their heavy-duty workbenches in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. If you don’t see a concept to fit your needs please Contact Us. We can help you pick parts to make a custom workbench set up.