Freight Policy

Lyon Freight Policy and Claims Procedures

Lyon takes pride in ensuring that your order is delivered in superior condition. There may be times when a product arrives damaged or missing from your shipment. To ensure your ultimate satisfaction, please see the below freight and claims policies. All order claims must be reported to Lyon within 30 days of delivery. this includes any shortages, damages or incorrect products. Please note that CONCEALED DAMAGE CLAIMS must be filed WITHIN 5 DAYS of the delivery.

All materials MUST BE INSPECTED UPON ARRIVAL at your destination. This inspection must occur PRIOR TO SIGNING FOR THE DELIVERY and should include the following:

  • Verification that all items have been received.
    • Please note shortage claims are not automatically approved. It is suggested to complete an inventory at the time of delivery and sign for short. While we understand this is not always feasible, Lyon will verify weights, license plate tracking, shipment photos and/or quantity on hand prior to processing the claim.
  • A complete visual inspection of the product and its packaging. If there is evidence of damage on the packaging or pallets, a more thorough inspection should be completed.
    • Upon completion of the above inspection(s), if damage is found or there are parts missing, the delivery receipt from the carrier must be signed as damaged or missing. This must be done with the carrier present. If the delivery receipt is not noted as damaged or missing, claims to Lyon for replacement parts may be denied.
    • It is best practice to inspect the material during delivery and sign fort he shipment ‘damaged’ if any visible signs of damage are present. This can include, but is not limited to, damaged pallets, or any rips and holes in shrink wrap. Tears in the cardboard packaging, crinkles in any cardboard packaging. By signing for the material as damaged, it allows us to file the claim directly with the freight carrier.
    • The contents of the orders should be inspected immediately for concealed damage.
      CONCEALED DAMAGE CLAIMS must be filed WITHIN 5 DAYS of the delivery.
    • Please note, depending on the damage, Lyon or the carrier reserves the right to take back the damaged product, do not discard or you may be subject to additional charges.

When damaged or missing freight has been identified: 

For customer arranged freight (collect, will call, 3rd party)

  • Customer is responsible for resolving all claims with the carrier when they arrange for freight.
  • Concealed damage may exist where there is no evidence of damage to the packaging. This damage must be reported to your carrier within five days.
  • Orders for replacement material will follow normal procedures for order entry and invoicing accordingly. Work with your customer service representative to expedite your replacements.

For Lyon arranged freight (freight allowed, prepaid and add)

  • Contact your customer service representative and provide the properly noted and signed delivery receipt, pictures and detailed information on replacement parts.
  • Concealed damage may exist where there is no evidence of  damage to the packaging. This damage must be report within five days to customer service, or claims may be denied.
  • Customer service will assume the investigation and determine if a ‘no cost replacement’ is warranted.

Please Note:

  • Lyon is not responsible for loss of or damage to material after it has been received and accepted. The customer is responsible for protecting the product.
  • Once material has moved from its original destination as specified on the delivery receipt, claims cannot be filed.
  • It is your responsibility to make certain that drop ship locations are aware and follow the above procedures.
  • Lyon will only assume the responsibility of freight damage and filing of a freight claim provided the signed delivery receipt is marked as damaged or missing. Lyon cannot file a freight claim and replace material if the shipment is accepted without the acknowledgment by the carrier for missing or damaged material
  • Please contact your Lyon customer service representative with any questions you may have on this policy.
  • Lyon does not guarantee delivery dates and times unless specifically agreed to on the order. Delivery dates and times are estimates only based on the information we have available and are subject to change without notice. We will do our best to communicate changes. Customers should work directly with freight carriers for detailed delivery schedules. Claims for missed delivery dates and times will not be approved.

Back-charges: No invoices or credits are approved by Lyon for warranty labor and expenses. Lyon’s freight policy covers replacement materials and freight only at the sole discretion of Lyon. In addition, Lyon may assist in preparing quotations, but final Bill of Materials must be reviewed and approved by the customer. Lyon provides cost estimates based on information provided and it is the responsibility of the customer to review for accuracy. Any back charges must be approved by Lyon in writing prior to repair/replacement commencing and no charges will be approved, if submitted after the work is completed.

Lyon will not pay any of the cost of the following: return visits, back charges, rental of equipment, added material needed to complete a project, additional labor in any form (union or non-union), added fees or damages caused by unforeseen shipping issues or lateness, or any additional fees.