Easily Add Shelves To Create New Storage Space In Your Lyon Cabinets

Are you looking to expand the versatility of your Lyon storage cabinet? We have replacement cabinet shelves and accessories for our metal storage cabinets. Get storage shelves for inside cabinets in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Lyon offers full size and half size shelves for storage cabinets. Each size has different widths and depths to fit the full offering of Lyon storage cabinets.

Industrial Cabinet Shelves and Accessories

Lyon makes these all-welded storage replacement cabinet shelves from 14-gauge steel. You can adjust the steel cabinet shelves on 3-inch centers. They secure with bolts in welded keyhole slots. These metal shelves for cabinets have an overall capacity of 1,450 lbs. These shelves come with a powder coat paint finish. This will help protect them from everyday use.

Increase your storage options even further with plastic bins and dividers. These safety yellow bins allow easy storage for small parts and items. Plastic bins resist solvents. Bins easily clip on and off the cabinet pick rack. A tilt bin gives you total access to parts because it swings forward. Plastic organizer bins hold either 10, 40, or 60 lbs.

Replacement Cabinet Shelves for Office Storage Cabinets

Are you looking for even more storage options for your Lyon office storage cabinet? Get additional cabinet storage shelves for these cabinets in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Made from durable heavy-gauge steel. We make these shelves smooth for a snag free interior. There are both full width and half width shelves to fit the full offering of all of Lyon’s 1000 series storage cabinets.

You can easily adjust the replacement cabinet shelves on 2-inch centers without tools. The shelves fit into slotted corners in the back while the fronts are held up with clips. Lyon includes 2 clips with each extra cabinet shelf for cabinets. A 1000 series cabinet shelf holds up to 180 lbs. We also offer reinforced additional shelves for cabinets in our 1000 series line. These full-width shelves boost the capacity to 230 lbs for 36-inch-wide cabinets. You can get replacement shelf clips as well.

Flammable Storage Cabinet Shelves and Accessories

Extra safety storage cabinet shelves can easily increase your storage capacity. We offer shelves for all of our cabinet sizes. We make our shelves from heavy-duty ribbed galvanized steel. This allows an overall load of up to 350 lbs per shelf. You can easily adjust the shelves on 3-inch centers. The ribs will help collect fluids that either leak or spill to help prevent the mess from spreading.

The leak-proof 2-inch-deep tray offers extra protection to a replacement cabinet shelves. They contain spills because of the raised curved edge. An extra polyethylene shelf tray can be added to these shelves. Then if either a spill or leak occurs it is easy to clean up and replace the shelf liner. Mounting brackets are also available. You can mount smaller safety storage cabinets to a wall. This is a great option if you are tight on floor space.

We also offer touch up spray paint for all our metal cabinets. The spray paint makes it quick and easy to make a cabinet look new. Paint is available in either our standard cabinet finishes or any of the Lyon premier colors. Looking at these replacement cabinet shelves and accessories but need a new storage cabinet? Check out Lyon’s full line of Metal Storage Cabinets.