Office Cabinet Shelves and Accessories

Add Storage Options To Your Lyon 1000 Series Office Cabinets

Are you looking for more storage options for your Lyon 1000 series metal storage cabinet? Get additional office cabinet shelves for these cabinets in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. There are shelves to fit the full offering of all of Lyon’s 1000 series metal storage cabinets. Lyon 1000 series cabinets are our affordable office storage solution. As your storage needs change so can your storage solution. Lyon is the industry standard when it comes to cabinet versatility.

Which Cabinets Work With These Shelves?

Our office cabinet shelves come in either full width or half width sizes. The full width works in both our standard cabinets and counter high cabinets. Our visible office cabinets with the windows in the doors take a full width shelf. These shelves also work in the wardrobe cabinet. If you need a shelf with a coat rod for your wardrobe cabinet please Contact Us. The half width shelves are for the combination cabinets. These cabinets are half shelf storage and half wardrobe. These shelves are for the half of the cabinet with shelf storage.

Features of Office Cabinet Shelves

We make these shelves from durable heavy-gauge steel with a smooth surface for a snag free cabinet interior. You can also easily adjust cabinet shelves on 2-inch centers without tools. The storage shelves fit into slotted corners in the back. The fronts are supported with clips. Lyon includes 2 clips with each extra cabinet shelf.

A 1000 series cabinet shelf holds up to 180 lbs. You can get a reinforced shelf if you need one. These office cabinet shelves have a capacity per shelf to 230 lbs. This extra weight capacity allows you to have more storage options. We make reinforced shelves for all of our standard 36-inch-wide cabinets. This includes both counter high storage cabinets and visible storage cabinets. 48-inch-wide cabinet shelves can hold up to 325 lbs.

Additional office cabinet shelves come with a powder coat finish to match your cabinet. Standard colors for these Lyon cabinet parts include both our Dove Gray and Putty finish. The powder coat paint will help protect your shelves from everyday use. We also offer touch up paint for all our metal cabinets. The spray paint makes it quick and easy to make a cabinet look new. Paint is available in either our standard cabinet finishes or any of the Lyon premier colors. You can also get shelf clips in case you need replacements. Need shelves for a different cabinet? Check out Lyon’s full line of Cabinet Shelves And Accessories.