Replacement Shelf Clip for 1000 Series Cabinets


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Lyon offers a replacement shelf clip for the 1000 series cabinets. These steel clips easily slide and lock into place on the front corners of your 1000 series cabinet without tools! Each adjustable shelf fits neatly into the slotted back corners of the cabinet and secures in place with shelf clips under the front corners. Easily remove the clips to adjust the shelf on 2-inch centers to your ideal height and secure the shelf back into place.

Replacement Shelf Clip for 1000 Series Cabinets Features

The shelf clips are constructed of heavy-duty steel and also feature a galvanized finish. Use these clips with both the full width shelves as well as half width shelves. With the clips secure in place, the 1000 series full width shelves offer a weight capacity of 180 lbs each or even 230 lbs each for the reinforced shelves. Half width shelves provide a weight capacity of 75 lbs each. Adding more steel shelves to your existing 1000 series storage cabinet helps keep your items organized. Having more shelves also allows you to store more of your items such as hardware and tools as well as office supplies. Take advantage of any additional space in your cabinet!

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Quantity per Package 1 Shelf Clip
Assembly Installs Without Tools


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