Lyon has been providing athletics storage solutions since 1901. Our metal sports lockers can be found in team locker rooms all across the country. We have a large offering of lockers to meet any need from athletic stadium lockers to ventilated gym lockers. No matter the level of competition, we have got a locker that will fit your needs. Complete your project with locker room benches to match your new lockers. Lyon also makes shelving for storing gym and sports equipment.

Victory Locker

Lyon's athletics storage solutions start with our Victory sports locker. The durable heavy-duty steel construction will stand up to the harsh environment of your team's locker room. The powdered coated paint finish can come in your team's colors and will help protect your lockers from everyday use.

The Victory locker is 28" wide making it one of the largest metal sports lockers on the market. The shelf at the top provides enough space to store a football helmet. The footlocker provides a bench seat where players can sit while getting ready. The footlocker lid lifts so you can store bulky items and can be secured with a lock. Interested in this product? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project. Let Lyon help your players get ready for victory!

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Check out Lyon's large selection of athletic lockers. Our Victory series of sports lockers are the perfect fit for your team's locker room. Lots of great features make these lockers the ideal athletics storage solutions.

basic athletic locker with bench seat

victory with footlocker for storage

includes footlocker and security compartment

Ventilated Gym Lockers

Lyon offers athletics storage solutions for locker rooms whether it is for your school gym or a health club. Our ventilated lockers have all the great features of our standard steel lockers but with diamond perforated vents. The ventilated door and sides provide extra air flow to keep items cool and dry. Get them in all our tier options so you can find the right size lockers to fit your gym locker room project.

The handles have padlock hasps so people can use their own combination locks. You can easily upgrade your ventilated lockers to have built-in locks to make it easy to secure sports gear inside. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

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Shop our huge selection of ventilated gym lockers. The perfect athletics storage solutions for any locker room. Our lockers can handle all levels of education as well as health clubs.

ventilated doors allow for extra air flow

get anchors, number plates, and locks

pedestal benches or built-in benches available

Shelving and Rivet Racks

Lyon 2000 series shelving and rivet rack are two economical storage solutions for athletics. Rivet Rack is a boltless shelving that requires no tools to assemble. The beams easily drop into the uprights to form a sturdy rack. You can add either particle board or wire decking.

For a traditional steel shelving, Lyon's 2000 series is a great economical option. Shelves adjust on 1-½" centers without needing any tools. Provide shelf storage with a stand-alone unit or create a row of shelving for an equipment storage room. This versatile shelving can help solve storage problems in lots of situations. These shelving options can easily storage bulky gear for sports like football or hockey. Interested in these products? Contact us today to receive a personalized quote for your project.

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Check out Lyon's large selection of industrial steel shelving. Use one section of shelving alone or combine several add-on units with a starter to create rows of shelving. Find storage solutions all the gear and equipment for all types of athletics.

keep items from being pushed off the shelf unit

make sure your shelving is safe and secure

offers space for large and bulky items