Antimicrobial Healthcare Lockers

Help Keep Your Medical Staff and Patients Healthy with Lyon

Antimicrobial healthcare lockers provide continuous, residual protection against the touch transfer of bacteria on the locker surface. They also protect against mold and bacteria growth. This happens in the locker corners, seams as well as on hidden locker surfaces. These lockers are a must have for a hospital locker room. Doctors and nurses who spend time all day with patients then go change can spread bacteria and viruses without thinking. Upgrading hospital staff lockers to Lyon healthcare lockers can help keep everyone healthy. Lyon makes various sizes to cover all healthcare jobs. They also don’t have to be used only as medical lockers. They are a smart pick as either employee lockers or staff lockers where lots of people share a space. For over a century Lyon has been one of America’s leading metal locker manufacturers.

How Antimicrobial Coating Works

Any moisture triggers the release of silver ions to provide superior antimicrobial protection for decades. Silver ion antimicrobial paint additives help keep products and surfaces cleaner by inhibiting the growth of microbes. The ions help stop a bacteria or virus’s metabolism. The compound is completely inorganic. It less toxic than table salt and less irritating than talcum powder. The EPA, FDA, and NSF has approved this compound that Lyon uses on these healthcare lockers.

The antimicrobial coating can be added to any Lyon powder coat paint finish. That means you can get any Lyon product in one of our Premier colors with this bacteria protection. Contact Us to learn more or to Request A Quote.

Features of Healthcare Lockers

Steel hospital lockers come in either single or double tier. We make them in both 1 wide and 3 wide models. The Lyon medical locker has 6-inch louvers to help ventilate the locker. The 6-inch-high legs provide toe room at the bottom. The healthcare lockers have a recessed lift handle. The finger lift has a built in padlock hasp so your medical staff can use their own locks. You can upgrade to either a built-in key lock or combination lock from our line of Locker Accessories.

Both the single tier and double tier healthcare lockers come with accessories to help with storage. Our single tier lockers come with a coat rod, a shelf, and 3 single prong wall hooks. The double tier lockers come with 3 single prong wall hooks and 1 double prong ceiling hook. Easily hang up either your work uniform or your street clothes to keep them clean and safe. Both styles of lockers have more than enough room to store your scrubs, lab coats, and any other work wear.

Lyon stocks the healthcare locker in a standard monorail gray finish. This lets us ship them to you quickly. We ship these metal lockers for hospital staff either unassembled or assembled. If you want to save yourself some time, you can have Lyon professionally assemble your new lockers. We will pop rivet your new Lyon lockers together for a strong and durable assembly. Lyon makes their healthcare lockers in the USA. Looking for other lockers? Check out Lyon’s full line of Metal Lockers.