Closed Front Base for Lockers with Legs – 3 Pack


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Made in the USA


Locker rooms take on a neater appearance and become easier to keep clean when you add Lyon closed front bases. Our closed bases help seal off the bottom of a locker preventing things from piling up under them. We proudly manufacture these front bases in the USA. We offer our locker accessories with a durable powder coat finish. This powder coat paint finish will help protect your locker accessories from everyday use. Each package includes 3 front bases.

Features and Assembly

Lyon makes the closed front bases from heavy-duty steel. We designed the front base to work with all Lyon standard steel lockers with 6-inch-high legs. Choose the base size to match your locker frame width. Front bases are available in either 12, 15, or 18-inch-widths. Quickly attach the closed front bases without either tools or hardware. Each base installs by snapping into place between the legs on the front of a metal locker. Keep in mind that each locker frame will require its own front base when planning out a row of lockers. We stock these front bases in Dove Gray and Putty for quick shipping to match our standard locker colors.

Complete the look of your locker project by adding Closed End Bases to the each end of your locker row. Adding these bases will also prevent items from rolling under the side of your locker. Together with the front bases, you’ll give your lockers a clean and finished look.

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Quantity per Package 3 Closed Front Bases
Gauge 20 Gauge


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