Standard Metal Locker Number Plates – 25 Pack

  • Aluminum plates with 1/2″ high numbers
  • Lyon stocks numbers 1 through 999
  • Made in the USA
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$26.10 per Unit

SKU: NF5829-25


Lyon NF5829-25 metal locker number plates are one of the most recognizable locker number tags around. The Lyon name has been on our quality steel lockers for over a century. You can find these number plates on lockers in schools and locker rooms across the USA. Save money when buying locker number plates in bulk. Our 25 packs of tags let you easily number a row of lockers.

We make our NF5829-25 metal locker number plates out of aluminum. The black numbers are 1/2-inches-high. We punch holes towards the top of all our locker doors so that they fit these number plates. Each plate includes pop rivets for attaching to Lyon locker doors. Number sequences are available in either 1 thru 25, 26 thru 50, 51 thru 75, or 76 thru 100.

Please note that you will need a pop rivet gun to install these NF5829-25 metal locker number plates. You can get a pop rivet gun at most local hardware stores. We make these number plates in the USA. Additional numbers and characters are also available upon request. Characters will be at least 3/8-inches-high on non-stock number plates.

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Overall Dimensions 2-3/4"w x 1"h
Quantity per Package 1 Pack Number Plates
Includes Aluminum Number Plates with Black Numbers (x25)
Pop Rivets (x50)
NOTE: Pop rivet gun is required for installation


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