GSA Contract

gsa approved contract holder


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FSC 71 – Furniture Solicitation 3QSA-JB-100001-B, Refreshed #16
FSC Class: 7125, 7195
Contract Number: GS-27F-035DA
Contract Period: September 22, 2016 through September 21, 2021
Contractor: Lyon, LLC
Mailing Address: 420 N. Main St, Montgomery, IL 60538
Telephone: 630-892-8941 / 800-433-8488
Fax: 630-892-8966 / 800-367-6681
FEIN: 36-4759807
Inside Sales Representative:
Maria Mojica | 800-323-0082 Ext. 1518 |


1a. Table of award: 71-309, 71310
1b. Lowest price model number and lowest unit cost for:
SIN 71-309 – catalog number – 5829, unit cost – $0.53
SIN 71-310 – catalog number – 240332DIV, unit cost – $0.04
1c. Hourly rates: not applicable
2. Maximum order: SIN 71-309: $250,000; SIN 71-310: $1,000,000
3. Minimum order: $100
4. Geographic coverage: 48 contiguous states, District of Columbia
5. Points of production: Paris, Edgar, IL; Watseka, Iroquois, IL; Michigan City, LaPorte, IN
6. Basic discount: All prices shown are discounted NET prices
7. Quantity discounts: $17,000 to $32,999 an additional 3% $33,000 and over an additional 6%
8. Prompt payment terms: 1% – 20 days, Net 30 days
9a. Government purchase cards accepted at or below micro-purchase threshold
9b. Government purchase cards accepted above the micro-purchase threshold
10. Foreign items: not applicable
11a. Time of delivery: 7-10 days stock items, 30-60 days non-stock items
11b. Expedited Delivery: Maximum 4-7 days (applies to stock only)
11c. Overnight or 2-day Delivery: Contact Inside Sales Representative for availability and pricing
11d. Urgent requirements: Contact Inside Sales Representative
12: FOB points: Origin up to $1000 net, over $1000 Destination to 48 contiguous states and DC
13. Ordering address: Lyon, LLC P.O. Box 671 Aurora, IL 60507 or through Milstrip, Fedstrip, Muffin
14. Payment address: Lyon, LLC P.O. Box 671 Aurora, IL 60507
15. Warranty provisions: See Warranty
16. Export packing charges: Contact Inside Sales Representative
17. Terms and conditions of Government commercial credit card acceptance: Credit card number Authorized holder’s name, phone number, address, cc expiration date and security code
18. Terms and conditions for rental, maintenance and repair: not applicable
19. Terms and conditions of installation: not applicable
20. Terms and conditions of repair parts: not applicable
20a. Terms and conditions for any other services: not applicable
21. List of service and distribution points: not applicable
22. List of participating dealers: None
23. Preventive maintenance: not applicable
24. Environmental attributes: not applicable
25. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number: 07-882-8502
26. System of Award Management (SAM): Update annually