Industrial Metal Shelving Parts and Accessories

Industrial Metal Shelving Parts and Accessories

Lyon metal shelving parts and accessories for both the 2000 series and 8000 series are the finishing pieces you’ll need for your shelving units. Industrial shelving accessories include anchoring and other optional items. Metal shelf clips quickly lock into place, on either side of uprights. These clips disengage easily to re-position shelves. Shelves can either be installed or adjusted with no tools. Our industrial shelving is versatile and adding these parts or accessories will help you maximize your storage efficiency.

2000 Series Metal Shelving Parts

We have compression shelf clips for our 2000 series shelving. They are available in a standard full size clip as well as a half shelf clip. Our compression clip is the most imitated shelf clip design in the industry. There is also a footplate. The footplate allows you to securely anchor your 2000 series shelving to the concrete floor of your warehouse or facility.

8000 Series Metal Shelving Parts

Anchors, foot plates, as well as bolts are available for your shelving sections. Combine an upright to floor angle with a footplate to create a base to anchor to your shelving to your warehouse floor. The wedge anchor is the industry standard for bolting shelving directly to your concrete floor. The wall tie clip can be used to secure a metal shelving unit directly to a wall. You can also secure back to back sections together with end tie clips.

Shelving accessories also include a steel mounting panel. It attaches to the end of your shelving section. You can easily organize items at the end of your shelf with tool pegs. You can also convert your Lyon shelving into a cabinet by adding a set of swing doors. Fits the 36 inch wide by 84 inch high units. They mount directly to the uprights and have a built in lock for extra security.

Other metal shelving replacement parts include base strips and bin fronts. The base strip will give a finished look to the bottom of the shelving. This will also help cleaning as debris can’t collect under the metal shelving unit. Bin fronts will keep items from either hanging over or falling off a shelf. Finally add label holders to your shelves so items will have a home. Paper strips slide easily in and out of the holders.

Sometimes shelving needs to get touched up. Lyon offers touch up paint spray cans to easily freshen up your industrial metal shelving. Lyon makes both 2000 series and 8000 series shelf accessories in the USA. Looking at these metal shelving parts and accessories but need shelving units? Check out our full line of industrial metal shelving.

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