2000 Series Open Shelving Uprights and Cross Braces

Get Uprights And Braces For Your Lyon 2000 Series Open Shelving Units

Lyon 2000 series steel open shelving uprights and cross braces let you build a custom storage solution. You can easily replace or upgrade parts of your existing shelving. Lyon open shelving has open backs and sides. Open shelving units are ideal for economical, general purpose storage. They allow light to penetrate a storage area and allow for free air flow around stored materials. Lyon 2000 series open steel shelving offers a complete storage solution for everything from basic backroom storage to integrated warehouse applications.

2000 Series Open Shelving Uprights

2000 series open shelving uses either beaded posts or angle posts. Lyon roll forms the post uprights from 14-gauge steel for maximum strength. These post uprights are punched for Lyon 2000 series compression shelf clips. This allows you to adjust your steel shelving on 1-½ inch centers. Beaded posts are used only in the front corners of a shelving section while the angle posts can be used in the front or rear corners.

Metal Shelving Sway Braces

We make the sway braces from 12-gauge steel. Braces help to stabilize open shelving units. Lyon punches the sway braces so that you can easily attach them to the 2000 series open uprights with nuts and bolts. You need 1 pair of sway braces on the back of an open shelving unit and both sides of the shelving section. Side sway braces help prevent front-to-back sway while the back sway brace helps prevent lateral sway. An open shelving unit requires sway braces to ensure support and stability.

Both 2000 series uprights and cross braces are available in our standard Dove Gray powder coat finish. The powder coat paint will help protect your shelving from everyday use. We offer open shelving components so that you can easily change up your shelving. Our design makes it easy to adjust and add to your storage solution when your needs change. No need to purchase all new shelving starters or add-ons just so you can re-organize what you already have. Lyon proudly makes their 2000 series uprights and cross braces in the USA. Looking for parts for other shelving? Check out our full line of Industrial Metal Shelving Components and Shelves.