Dividers for Modular Drawer Plastic Bins

  • Durable plastic will hold up to everyday use
  • Fits either 2″h or 3″h standard bins
  • Easily slides into slots on the sides of the bin
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$1.73$4.04 per Unit

SKU: Standard Bin Divider


You can use Lyon’s modular drawer bin dividers to help further organize your modular drawer cabinets. These dividers will help split plastic bins for drawers into 2 sections. You can help prevent the smallest items from rolling around. Create a storage system with these modular drawer organizers to help you with inventory control. Using dividers allows you to have a spot for every small part or item you have.

We make these modular drawer bin dividers from strong and durable plastic. The yellow plastic will match the bins. They will easily hold up to everyday use. We make dividers for either the 2-inch-high or 3-inch-high plastic organizing bins. You can quickly and easily slide the plastic bin divider into the notches found inside each drawer organizer bin. You can easily lift out and remove a divider when you need more bin space.

The yellow plastic modular drawer bin dividers help you know which are standard bins compared to the black ESD plastic bins. This lets you easily know which bin to store which parts or items in. The yellow finish also lets you easily see darker colored hardware. These dividers are great for separating items such as screws, nuts, or washers.

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Quantity per Package 1 Divider


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