T-Post Galvanized Shim Plate

  • Used to ensure your 8000 series shelving is level
  • Constructed from galvanized steel to resist corrosion
  • Made in the USA
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SKU: GV Shim


You can use the Lyon T-post shim plate to make sure your 8000 series shelving uprights are level. Not all warehouse or facility floors will be level especially in older buildings. Installing industrial metal shelving on an uneven floor will result in dangerous, wobbly shelving which can lead to tipping. You can use this shim plate to get your new shelving sections level during installation. The T-post shim plate easily nests between the footplate and the upright. We construct the plate out of heavy-duty galvanized steel. The leveling shim plate comes unpainted.

This T-post shim plate can fits all 8000 series shelving units. You can use multiple shim plates to guarantee a level and secure installation. The notches on the shim plate align with the holes in the optional footplate. To insure minimum stability standards, shelving should be level, plumb, as well as properly anchored. Lyon also offers Concrete Wedge Anchor Bolts to make sure your shelving is secured to the floor. You should not use shim plates unless you are also using concrete wedge anchors.

The T-post shim plate is part of an anchoring system for the 8000 series industrial steel shelving. Other accessories to help anchor your shelving include a Upright-to-Floor Angle which ties the shelving upright to the anchor. We also offer a Shelving Footplate to create a solid base to anchor your shelving to the floor. Lyon makes these industrial metal shelving parts in the USA.

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Overall Dimensions 3" x 3"
Quantity per Package 1 Shim Plate


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