Ribbed Decking for Bulk Storage Racks

  • Features 20-gauge asteel construction with a Dove Gray powder coat finish
  • Ribs provide space to grab packages off bulk storage racks without pinched fingers
  • Made in the USA
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Easily add ribbed decking to your existing bulk storage rack levels! Lyon’s steel ribbed decking featured ribs provide extra space allowing you to easily grab packages and prevent pinched fingers. This closed decking prevents loose items from falling through to the levels below. Each of our versatile 20 gauge decking panels includes 1-3/4″w x 5/8″d ribs. This robust design provides added strength as well as durability to your bulk storage rack unit. Ribbed decking is ideal for the hand-loading of bulky items of medium weight.

Bulk Storage Rack Ribbed Decking

Lyon designed these heavy-duty steel ribbed decking panels to fit variety of beam sizes. Determine how many decking panels you will need by using the chart in our product details tab. You can easily combine different widths of steel ribbed decking panels to fit precisely on your bulk storage rack beams. Our specially designed steel decking fits beams with a 5/8-inch step and rests easily between the two beams. This decking also features our standard Dove Gray powder coat finish. This paint finish provides a strong and durable finish that will help protect your ribbed decking from everyday use. Lyon proudly makes these steel decking panels in the USA.

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Quantity per Package 1 Ribbed Decking Panel
Gauge 20-Gauge
How to Order Ribbed Decking for Bulk Storage Rack
48" Beams use (2) 24" Wide Panels
60" Beams use (1) 24" Wide Panel + (1) 36" Wide Panel
72" Beams use (2) 36" Wide Panels
84" Beams use (2) 24" Wide Panels + (1) 36" Wide Panel
96" Beams use (1) 24" Wide Panel + (2) 36" Wide Panels

Front-to-Back Supports Recommended for Ribbed Decking
(supports sold separately)
48" Beams use (1) Support
60" Beams use (1) Support
72" Beams use (2) Supports
84" Beams use (2) Supports
96" Beams use (2) Supports


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Panel Dimensions Item Number Capacity per Panel
24″W x 24″D DD652241 1,400 lbs
24″W x 36″D DD652361 1,000 lbs
24″W x 48″D DD652481 600 lbs
36″W x 24″D DD653241 1,800 lbs
36″W x 36″D DD653361 1,400 lbs
36″W x 48″D DD653481 900 lbs