Zephyr Electronic Keypad Locker Lock

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The Zephyr electronic keypad locker lock was engineered for a wide range of applications and designed to meet your needs. Modern looks and technology come together to create a high-quality, versatile lock. They feature multi-layer RFID encryption and a 10-digit key pad for a wide variety of combinations so you can have the highest level of security. You can access these locks with the electronic key pad or unique RFID credentials. These locks also comply with ADA 4.27.4 guidelines for ADA accessibility.

Lyon lockers with built-in digital key locks add a convenient option to secure a locker so people don’t need to bring their own padlock. These locks come pre-programmed for shared use. A user enters their own 4 digit code to lock the door. Then when they enter it again it unlocks it and resets the lock for the next user. Control RFID cards are also available so you can reset a combination.

This Zephyr electronic keypad locker lock features a nickel plated front face and black silicone keypad. The body housing is made from high impact polycarbonate. They require 4 AA batteries (not included). Depending on the type of programming, this will provide a life cycle of 40,000 uses. Easy installation makes it quick to either replace an old lock or add this built-in electronic locker lock to a new locker.

The Zephyr electronic keypad locker lock fits locker doors with recessed lift handles and right-side hinges. Recessed lift handles are standard on single tier, double tier, and triple tier Lyon metal lockers. A recessed handle has a finger lift with a clean flush mount look. These locks will also work on most standard metal, phenolic, wood and laminate lockers and casework.

Do you need an External Battery Override for this lock? This unlocks a lock with dead batteries.

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Quantity per Package 1 Electronic Lock
Handle Type Fits Right-Hand Locker Doors


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Shared Use Instructions:

To Lock with Keypad:

  1. Select any available locker. Place belongings in locker and close door.
  2. Press power button to activate lock. The green light will begin to flash.
  3. Enter any self-selected 4-Digit code, then press the lock/unlock button, the red light will flash once, and the bolt will extend to lock the lock.
  4. The red light will continue to flash periodically to identify the locker as occupied.
  5. If a code is incorrectly entered, the red-light flashes and gives audible beep 3 times indicating an incorrect combination has been entered.

To Unlock with Keypad:

  1. Press power button to activate lock. The green light will begin to flash.
  2. Enter you previously self-selected 4-Digit code, then press the lock/unlock button, the lock will give an audible beep and the bolt will retract unlocking the lock.
  3. The lock is now open and available for the next user.