Boxed End Finish Panel for Flat Top Lockers

  • Used to hide holes on the end of a row of lockers for a finished look
  • Constructed from steel with a powder coat paint finish
  • Made in the USA
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SKU: End Finish Panel

Ships In 4-5 Weeks


Create a beautiful and seamless locker installation with Lyon’s boxed end finish panel for flat top lockers! The standard side sheet of a locker includes several pre-punched holes for various assembly options and shelf placement. This metal panel reduces the amount of visible holes on your end locker while giving your locker installation a smooth and clean look. We offer our locker accessories with a durable powder coat finish. Choose a color to match the frame of your locker to give a uniform look to the outside of your lockers with putty body parts.


Lyon makes the end finish panel for flat top lockers out of 16-guage steel. Adding this panel to your locker installation adds strength as well as durability to the side of your end locker. The end panel is easy to install during locker assembly. Use the hardware included with your locker to attach the panel over the frame and side sheet from the inside of the locker. This boxed formation of the panel leaves the end of your locker row looking smooth with no bolts visible from the outside.


The end finish panel for flat top lockers is also part of the Lyon PDQ locker program. We offer these end panels in the same 10 finishes to match the PDQ lockers that can ship faster than our made to order lockers.

End finish panels can also be added to an existing locker installation. Remove the existing bolts in the necessary places and reassemble them with the cover panel in place. Need additional hardware? Use the NF6767 Locker Hardware to attach the panel to your locker.

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Quantity per Package 1 End Finish Panel
Gauge 16 Gauge


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