Locker Hardware – 12 Pack

Model # NF6767-12

You can use additional Lyon locker hardware for adding accessories such as locker shelves and coat hooks. These nuts and bolts can also be used for locker assembly. This hardware pack contains 12 bolts and 12 matching hex nuts. The 10-24 slotless bolt is 3/8 inches in length. The hex nut internal threads allow the nut to easily screw on to the shank of the bolt. This hardware fits all of Lyon’s standard lockers.

You will need 2 nuts and bolts if you are installing a new coat hook in a locker. This is true for both single prong hooks and double prong hooks. You can also use this hardware to install a shelf into a locker. Installing a shelf requires 4 nuts and bolts to secure it properly. When buying a new shelf it will not come with hardware while new single and double prong coat hooks will come with installation hardware. This hardware is also used to assemble and install slope top kits. You can also use this hardware to install a coat rod.

Locker Hardware Pack Includes

  • 12 Each 10-24 x 3/8 Slotless Bolts
  • 12 Each 10-24 Standard Hex Nuts

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