ADA Compliance Decal with Handicap Logo

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Use the NF9P1259BP ADA decal to easily specify which of your units meet ADA guidelines and standards. This bright blue adhesive ADA sticker has an easy peel backing. Each ADA compliance sticker is 4-inches square. It is easily visible. The durable vinyl sticker easily wipes clean when needed. Our decal is strong enough to stand up to most conditions.

Our NF9P1259BP ADA decal easily identifies metal lockers fitting standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Make sure your accessible lockers meet these following requirements. First the doors must open without either a twisting or clasping motion. Second, the locker bottom must be a minimum of 15 inches from the finished floor. In some instances, an additional shelf placed towards the bottom of the locker will help you meet this requirement. Third, any top locker shelf or hooks may not exceed 48 inches from the finished floor.

We include the NF9P1259BP ADA decal with our standard ADA lockers. If you are converting a locker to be compliant then you will need this sticker. Our ADA decal features a handicap logo so you can use it in other cases, not just on Lyon steel lockers. Use these handicap door stickers for either bathrooms, changing rooms, or ADA benches. Lyon is here to help you become more accessible for everyone.

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Overall Dimensions 4"h x 4"w
Quantity per Package 1 Decal